Example of a Novel: Dance with a Sunset


Sunset is his favorite time of day. It is beautiful no matter the season. Summer sunset is the promise of night coolness. Spring sunset is filled with the aroma of fruit trees and flowers. Autumn sunset turns yellow and red leaves into a raging fire that neither rain nor cold wind can put down. Winter sunset adds some color to cold landscapes covered with white snow.

Now, he is going home after work, but the sunset can’t make him happier. Max feels self-pity and disappointment. Once, he had something and somebody to live for. Now, he has only beautiful sunsets.

Then, he notices her. She is handing out chocolates, right out of the box. Some people seem surprised and skeptical, but that doesn’t discourage her. The setting sun provides a great background for this little charity miracle.

She has curly red hair that is definitely out of her control, and tiny pale hands. Her face is decorated with little reddish lights of freckles. Even her eyes seem to be shiny and warm in the rays of light at sunset. Although there is nothing magical in her blue jeans and green t-shirt, her height makes Max think about fairies and pixies who dance in woods from dusk till dawn and sing about ancient heroes, stars, and spring.

“Who are you? Why are you doing this?”

He knows that it is not the best way to start a conversation, but this magical creature can’t fit his gloomy routine day.

“My name is Lucy. You look sad, that’s why I’m here.”

“You are here because of me, really?”

“That sounds self-absorbed. You are not the only sad person here. I share my happiness with everybody who needs it.”

“What if you are out of it?”

“Happiness or chocolates?”

She laughed and looked at him with an ironic smile.

“If I’m out of happiness, there will be someone to share with me, no doubt. Plus, a confectionery is just around the corner.”

“What if no one shares his happiness?”

“Do you think it’s possible?”

She seems so vulnerable and tiny while asking this question in a quiet voice, causing his heart to beat faster. Now, he wants to be the only person to give her happiness, even though he will keep nothing for himself.

“Can I buy you a cup of coffee?”

“My happy watch is not over. I will go with you only if you promise to join me next time and share your happiness with somebody.”

“But I’m not a very happy man.”

“You will be if I go with you.”