Evaluation Essay Topics

An evaluation essay is an essay where a subject is evaluated based on set criteria. Most sport commentaries or reviews of a restaurant, movie, book, song, or product are evaluations. We have prepared evaluation essay topics that will help you to come up with your own idea. We have divided them into categories in order to make the choice easier for you. Choose one of the evaluation topics and think how you can rearrange it to your writing an evaluation essay needs. We have expanded the topics so you can understand what you can write about in your evaluation essay.

evaluation essay topics about sport

Sports Evaluation Paper Topics

  • Evaluate the last season of your favorite football team. How did it perform at the start of the season? Did they meet your expectations? What was the most memorable moment from the recent game?
  • Evaluate the difference between a game that is watched live and a game that is watched on TV. What way of watching do you prefer and why? Does the chosen way of watching a game affect the overall mood from the game?
  • Examine the experience when you watch a game at home and in a sports bar. What way of watching do you prefer and why? Does the chosen way of watching a game affect the overall mood from the game?
  • Evaluate the experience when you watch a game alone and when you watch with friends. What way of watching do you prefer and why? Does the chosen way of watching a game affect the overall mood from the game?
  • How can tailgating before a football game improve the experience of going to the game? Examine tailgating at a football game for your favorite team.
  • Think about fans at sports events. What types of fans are there? Fans are divided into ultras – those who primarily support the team, and do not participate in the fights – and football hooligans, who keep themselves apart. In fact, they are also fans, but for them it is important not only to support their team, but also to find out the relationship with the fans of hostile teams.
  • Examine the food at your favorite sports bar. What is your favorite food there? How can the food affect the mood while watching a game?
  • Evaluate a particular player’s performance in the sport team. Is this player overvalued or undervalued? Did he or she perform at the same level during the whole career?
  • Examine the current star of baseball. How does this star influence his or her fans and the team performance? Is the team more successful with this player or not?
  • Examine the structure and rules of the playoff system for a sport. Do all teams keep to these rules? Do they work to make fans interested in the teams? Do they serve the sporting interests as a whole?
  • Examine the basketball team as a community event. How is basketball important in your community? How does basketball serve as a pride for students, parents, and other people in the community? How does basketball’s status affect the players’ lives?
  • Examine how your local football team performs. Does coaching help or harm players in other spheres of their lives? Are players encouraged to play when they are injured? Is the system for deciding who will play good?
  • Examine your favorite baseball team coach last year or examine the team where a new coach has appeared. Do you like the approach that the coach uses? What was the most successful game under the the coaching of this person and why?
  • Evaluate the sport that is affordable in your community for students of high school, or choose one of the sports for evaluation. What is the best type of sports for students of high school? Do students have a wide range of sports in your community?
  • What is the best sport team to perform in your hometown? What makes it the best sport team for players and their families? What was the best game of this team?
  • Evaluate the basketball program for kids in you hometown. Is it good enough or does it need improvements? What are parents’ attitudes toward this program?
  • Examine one or several dance classes in your region or compare two dance programs. How good is the program? Are the costs reasonable? Is the age for dances appropriate or not? Is there a possibility to take part in competitions?
  • Examine the program of gymnastics or compare two different gymnastics programs. What ages or skill levels are served the best by this program? What skills are trained? Is the equipment good enough? Is the instruction good enough? Are there possibilities for competition? Are the costs really reasonable?
  • Evaluate the swimming sport. Swimming as a sport involves a system of special training and participation in competitions, which are organized according to certain rules and regulations. Any competition in sport swimming is conducted in open water (swimming at different distances), or in a pool having standard dimensions. The winner is the team that first came to the finish line.
  • Examine an experience playing rugby in college. How is training implemented? Are competitions conducted? Does the team win often or not?
  • Examine the experience of playing a sport and the experience of watching the same sport. Do you see mistakes that athletes commit? Do you comment on what is going on on the TV as you have experience in this type of sport?
  • Evaluate women’s basketball. Height matters. The ignorant are convinced of this, arguing about women’s basketball. In fact, these are just stereotypes. Even girls of absolutely average size get achievements. The main thing is to get into the sport in time. And more important for them is not height, but gold medals won at various championships.
  • Evaluate the experience of sport training. The topic of training is so multifaceted and covers so many issues that it is necessary to base oneself on someone else’s experiences, receiving as much useful information, as well as many potentially dangerous schemes. What should the amateurs do, who all throughout childhood “played the violin” and suddenly realized that he or she can not live without sports? What about veterans, who engaged in this section, but when the adult life began, abandoned training, and now decide to return?
  • Evaluate a triathlon race. The main question that the triathletes are asked is “Why are you doing this?” And in fact this is a very good question. Usually they say that moderate sports help you to keep yourself in shape, but these athletes do not do it for shape, they are machines, they are ready to move for eight or more hours along the distance, balancing on the fine line between weakness and the overlapping feelings at the finish.
  • Evaluate training at home vs. training at the gym. If you live in a big house, then of course it will be much easier to buy a 15-in-1 complex machine. There will be an opportunity to training when you are in the mood, you do not have to go into the gym in the cold, there will be no queues for the training apparatus, and so on.
  • Evaluate the rules for paddle tennis vs padel tennis. It should be noted that paddle tennis and padel tennis games differ somewhat from each other. The first one was born in the USA, when in 1915, Bishop Frank Beal from New York City decided to lure children from the streets to sports grounds, which were four times smaller than the courts for traditional tennis. Padel (the game is often called this way, and in many respects similar to the first) was proposed in 1969 by the Mexican Enrique Conquera.
  • Evaluate the golf sport. Golf is a popular sport all over the world, in which a player using a variety of types of clubs should score the ball in the hole using the least number of strokes. Golf is one of the few sports in which the main opponent of any player is not a rival, but it is he himself and what surrounds him. Golf is one of the few ball games that does not require a standard playing ground.
  • Evaluate cheerleading. Probably most people who have ever been to football or basketball games have seen young, bright dancing girls who, with their mobile and sometimes dangerous dances, support the team and interest the fans. They are cheerleaders, a support group. Cheerleading is an independent sport, which has its own competitions and championships, even on a world scale.
  • Evaluate scholarships for students who take part in the sports life of their institution in the USA. If you study at a US college, a scholarship for student athletes fully or partially covers your tuition and living costs. This type of study funding in the United States can also be called a “sports scholarship” or be officially called “subsidized assistance.” Scholarships are awarded in a variety of sports.
  • Evaluate flyboarding. This is a great sport for people who all their lives dreamed of learning how to fly. However, within the framework of this lesson, it is necessary to do this not over a hard surface, but over water. Flyboarders should have a special water supercharger, a hose for water supply, as well as water jet shoes.

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Culture Evaluation Paper Topics

  • Evaluate how a recent romantic film depicts modern romance. The creators of the fantastic melodrama “Space Between Us” demonstrated Valentine’s Day on February 2 this year. It is on this day that we saw a non-trivial love story of an earthly girl and a young Martian, confirming that for true love distance is not an obstacle. It turns out that there is not only life on the Red Planet, but also love.
  • Evaluate a classic romantic film and what it says about the role of men and women during that time. Talking about love is always difficult – there is a perceptible danger of looking underdeveloped, vulgar, like a romantic dreamer, a cynical poseur, or just a fool. It is rumored that any film is certainly about love. However, the manifestations of this feeling are different for all.
  • Compare a recent romantic film with a classic one and evaluate what is better. Within the framework of an artistic work, love turns into an artistic means, into a detail that brightens up the hero and gives him or her unearthly beauty and strength. Love is always different, and we are also different. Nevertheless, in love we are all the same.
  • Evaluate an adventure movie and explain why it works for the audience. In the movie “The Revenant” the legendary pioneer Hugh Glass was seriously wounded in the fight with the bear and left to die by his expedition comrades on the unexplored expanses of the American Wild West. In an effort to survive, Glass steadfastly meets the adversity and betrayal of his friend John Fitzgerald. Driven by willpower and love for his family, Hugh must overcome the harsh winter in order to survive and find redemption.
  • Evaluate a war film and tell if it helps to answer the current problems of war and peace. “Braveheart” is an epic movie that carries us to the Middle Ages, where the legendary Scottish national hero William Wallace devoted himself to fighting the English in the name of freedom for his own people. Wallace soon lost his father, who died because of the English, and he returned to his native land in order to start a new peaceful life. But it turned out differently, as the murder of the bride of the future hero causes a wave of anger not only of a single individual, but of a whole nation.
  • Evaluate a historical film about how it teaches history through drama. These films will not replace textbooks for you; moreover, each historical movie can even be baffling in some way. Real historical events and people differ from a story that needs to be shown from start to finish in a couple of hours of screen time. And it has nothing to do with the fact that it is very interesting to watch each of these historical movies.
  • Evaluate how a movie based on real events is compared to real history. “Out of Africa” is a movie based on the autobiographical book of the Danish writer Karen Blixen. Moving to Africa to do business, she met the traveler and hunter Denis Finch-Hatton. Despite the great difference in interests and tastes, a stormy romance is fastened between Karen and Denis.
  • Study a classic musical. Explain why it was popular or unpopular. A musical is when movies and songs turn into something more. It is always about love, always about sadness, always about tragedies and only sometimes – about cloudless happiness. A long and interesting way the genre has taken to the present moment.
  • Evaluate a drama and tell how it effectively or ineffectively depicts a dramatic situation. “Silence” is the film directed by Martin Scorsese, the main roles in which were played by Adam Driver, Andrew Garfield, and Liam Neeson. The events unfold in the 17th century: two Jesuit priests go on a trip to Japan to tell the local population about Orthodoxy.
  • Evaluate how well a film is based on a book. Which is better – book or film? “The book is better” – this is the universal response of various intellectuals and other comrades of readers to the statement about any movie you watched. Have you ever wondered about the difference between a movie and a book? After all, someone prefers to watch, and someone prefers to read.
  • Evaluate a sequel to a film. Does the second or the third film reproduce the first one, or does it add something new? I’ve seen so many horror films, so frightening or even surprising me is extremely difficult. One of the latest horror stories I really liked was the film by M. Night Shyamalan called “The Visit,” which seemed to me an original psychological thriller. Before “The Visit” I was also impressed by such horror as “Oculus,” “Sinister,” and James Wang’s “The Conjuring.”
  • Evaluate a foreign movie and discuss what this film says about the culture of the country. The film “Kedi”: in Istanbul, there are a lot of street cats. It’s hard to believe without having been there, but the cats that were once brought into the city by sailors sailing across the Bosphorus are walking the streets on the rights of local authorities. They require food from cafe visitors, climbing straight to the table, darting along the roofs of cars and houses, and get several loving “masters” around the city.
  • Evaluate the work of a composer for films. How does this composer adapt to different movies? Music in the cinema plays the most important role in creating the atmosphere of the movie. Anxious music is made for horror; epic orchestral music is made for military and historical films with battle scenes; meditative and calm music is made for melodramas. Thanks to the soundtrack, the viewer plays with his or her imagination and complements what is happening on the screen with personal emotions.
  • Compare the animation version of a movie with the realistic version of the same story. Assess which version is more effective in telling this type of story. Today I want to tell about a wonderful adaptation of the magnificent fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast” from Disney. It is a touching story about the beautiful girl Belle, trapped in the castle by a terrible monster. It is filled with music, extraordinary secondary characters, and the images of the main ones are picked up incredibly accurately.
  • Evaluate a remake of a classic or foreign movie. Evaluate how the story changes in the second version. In America, they do not always like to import foreign films. Why? I do not know. Instead, they make their versions of successful foreign movies – remakes. But the result, in most cases, is not the same.
  • Evaluate the actor or actress in several movies. Tell how this actor adapts to different roles and discuss what role he or she does best. Dan (Danny) Trejo (born May 16, 1944 in Los Angeles) is an American actor, known mainly for the numerous roles of negative characters. He gained wide popularity thanks to the series of films directed by Robert Rodriguez such as “From Dusk Till Dawn,” “Spy Kids,” “Machete,” and also such films as “Inferno” and “Predators.”
  • Study several works of the same director and the vision that he or she brings to the project. What does the director try to say with his or her works? The film “Pulp Fiction” brought to its creator Quentin Tarantino not only the Oscar, the Golden Globe, a BAFTA award for the best script, and the Palme d’Or in Cannes for the best film, but with a budget of $8 million, made more than $213 million profit.
  • Evaluate the special effects in the last few movies. Do some use special effects only for display and forget about the plot? The history of cinematography is inextricably linked with the history of special effects. We can begin from the first primitive tricks with lighting and false daggers in silent cinema, to whole worlds and incredibly realistic creatures that never existed.

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