5 Knife-Edged Complaint Letter Samples to Deal With Poor Service

Complaint Letter of Overdue Product Sample

August 19th, 2013

MRS. BEATE HOVORKA 5713 GOLDEN DREAMS ST. NORTHEN BYPASS, FL 90831 16 JUNE, 2011 MR. MICHAEL DAMON MANAGER TRANSCHEM PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. 7631 MONROVIA DAKAR ST. CITY WALK, FL 43189 Dear Sir, RE: COMPLAINT OF OVERDUE PRODUCT I am a customer of Transchem Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and I am concerned about the services you offer to your customers. On the 8th of March, 2010, I logged into www.transchempharmaceuticals.com to purchase a vitamin pill Biotin that as instructed by the customer care, was…

Complaint Letter Sample: Broken Utensils

August 16th, 2013

Cleverly Hotel and Restaurant Suite Rd. Montana 98589 Dear Sir/Madam, Re: Response letter to your complaint of delivery of broken utensils It is with concern that I write this letter, being in possession of a complaint letter dated as the 26th of May, 2013, with regard to a delivery of cracked utensils. I work as a sales agent for the New Innovations Utensil Company and my duty is to ensure that our customer’s obligations are met to their satisfaction and…

Poor Service Complaint Letter Sample

August 12th, 2013

Paul Popon 10 Friedsburg Street Nottingham, UK 86867 Customer Service Head Office of Rio Supermarket Manulo Street Nottingham, UK 85859 May 15, 2013 Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to complain of the poor service I received from your company on the 5th of May, 2013. I visited one of your stores at 14 Swallow Alley and want to inform you about the inappropriate behavior of the store manager, Marina Rivera. I had made a big purchase at your store. After…

Complaint Letter Sample

July 31st, 2013

Adam Smith P.O. BOX 347447 Chicago, Ill. 92827 05/27/2013 Ajax Telecommunication 6276 Northbear Dr. Chicago, Ill. 93939 Dear Sir/Madam, RE: MALFUNCTION OF MOBILE PHONE BOUGHT IN YOUR RETAIL SHOP I am writing this letter to inform to you of various malfunctions with the Nokia 311 phone that I bought from your retail shop Ajax Telecommunication on the 1st of April, 2013 during the evening rush hours. I have not been able to use it as expected and have been too…

Customer Complaint Letter Sample

July 5th, 2013

101 Hooper Ave,                                                                                        16/6/2011 Toms River, NJ 08625-0001 markspencer@gmail.com Craig Watson Sales Manager Elite Utensils     Consumer Complaint Division 416 Water St. New York, NY 10002 Dear Craig Watson, Re: Complaint regarding broken dishes I would hereby…

How to Use Our Complaint Letter Samples?

A complaint letter is not a letter that we write for fun. We write such letters when we feel dissatisfaction and anger. The reasons to send a grievance letter sample vary. Sometimes, we want to complain about a concrete person. Sometimes, we feel uncomfortable about our working place or conditions. More often, customers send such letters when they get poor service or bad products.

Our writers have composed a couple of complaint letter examples according to style and language requirements. You’re welcome to check them and use as templates for your own letters.

We want to mention that you can use our business letters samples freely. If you copy the whole template, that will be fine, as they don’t belong to academic writing. Nobody will evaluate your letter or accuse you of plagiarism. There are three ways to use our grievance letter examples:

  • As a template for your own writing.

You can copy the whole text of our sample if you want. The only thing you have to do is replace all the details of your complaint: time, place, product number or model, name of assistant, etc. Make sure that our template matches your circumstances.

  • For formal phrases.

Formal writing language might seem complex, especially for beginners. You are welcome to borrow phrases and wordings that will facilitate the writing process. That applies mostly to greetings, endings, and transitional expressions.

  • For proper structure.

A formal complaint letter template differs from other types of papers. Thanks to our samples, you will learn more about grievance letter sections and elements.

Our complaint email templates are at your disposal! We’re sure that they will make your life a bit easier. If you don’t know whether you should or should not write a complaint letter, keep reading!

Why Should You Write Grievance Letter Samples?

All customers look for better services and products. And all companies try to satisfy the pickiest clients and attract the potential ones. However, reality can be cruel sometimes. Defective products and poor customer service can ruin even the best day. Surprisingly, complaint letters exist not only for expressing your disappointment about a late delivery. There are three significant reasons for writing a formal complaint letter sample:

1. To get what you want.

The first thing you need to understand is that writing complaint letters is normal. Nobody is perfect, but everybody needs a chance to fix the mistakes. If you write a grievance letter, it doesn’t mean that you’re picky or annoying. When you get a red dress instead of yellow, a phone without a charger, or rotten cookies, complaints are 100% justified!

2. To point out weaknesses.

Good services and companies seek perfection. They don’t want to lose their clients or damage their reputation. That’s why they need honest feedback from their customers. Your complaints will help managers to see where the company’s soft spots are and to take measures. Next time, they won’t repeat this mistake. In such a manner, one complaint can help to improve the work of the whole service.

3. To reach a compromise.

Remember that complaint letter samples are not aimed at conflict. Their main purpose is to make everyone a bit happier. A perfect complaint letter will help a company to make necessary improvements and will help you to get compensation. If both parties are interested in a peaceful resolution, the compromise will be found effortlessly!

4 Common Types of Complaint Letter Templates

In different situations, you need different complaint letter templates. Let’s figure out which letter type you need to write and what specific features you should take into account.

1. Formal complaint letter sample against a person

Every annoying colleague or shop assistant doesn’t deserve a complaint letter. But some people go far beyond the line. If someone is creating troubles and making your life impossible all the time, it’s better to solve the conflict face to face. When a peaceful resolution is impossible, you should write a grievance letter. Make sure that you have grounds to blame the person. Otherwise, your email will look like defamation or nagging.

2. Example of complaint letter about a product

Online shopping is a great thing. However, it causes a few problems: you don’t have the opportunity to take a product from the shelf. A seller can make a mistake while processing your ordering form and send you the wrong scarf or fridge. Plus, delivery methods are not always perfect, and your product can be damaged on the way to your home.

In your complaint letter example for a bad product, describe your purchase and the defects in detail. Include also the information about the date and place where you bought this product and the documents that may confirm this fact. Explain what you expect from the seller and how the problem can be solved. Maybe you need financial compensation or just want to get a similar product.

3. Complaint letter sample for poor customer service

A late delivery, a rude waitress, or badly done hair can spoil the whole day, especially when the guilty person doesn’t show any signs of repentance. A complaint letter template for bad service includes a detailed description of the incident, a name and a post of the responsible person, and your demand. We recommend you to ask for compensation, as the disciplinary punishment of the guilty employee won’t make you happier anyway.

4. Business complaint letter example

If you consider a private company to be guilty of law violations, you can send a complaint letter to an appropriate government entity. Don’t compose such letters if you want to complain about a particular insignificant incident unless a bad product or poor customer service caused grave consequences, such as health issues. Make sure that you have enough proof, as public institutions do not tend to examine the cases without basis.

What Language to Choose for a Grievance Letter Template?

Let’s get something straight. We’re not talking about languages like English, Spanish, or Chinese. We’re going to explain to you which TONE will be appropriate for a complaint letter. Emotions and attitude that you express through your writing can affect the result of your query. Your tone should meet the following five criteria:

1. Polite

Manners make a person. Politeness is necessary both for formal and informal letters. In complaint letter samples, polite expressions will improve your chances for satisfying your requirements. However, don’t be weak-willed! You have to defend your position and opinion in a clear way. If you were not served properly, you have every right to get compensation.

2. Official

You aren’t writing complaint letters to your friends. When you address a complete stranger, you have to sound official and serious. Avoid contractions, slang words, exclamation marks, and other signs of an informal writing style. Please, check your letter for grammar and punctuation errors before sending.

3. Reserved

We understand that you feel anger and disappointment if you’ve decided to compose a grievance letter sample. But you don’t have to SCREAM about your emotions in your letter using the caps lock or exclamation marks. Emotional text may scare your recipient, and he or she will prefer to ignore it than to negotiate with a high-tempered person.

4. Concise

Forget about figures of speech and metaphors. You aren’t creating a poetic masterpiece. If the recipient doesn’t understand what you want, he or she won’t be able to satisfy your demands. Be clear when you formulate your requirements. It’s better to sound like an emotionless robot than like a character from “Alice in Wonderland.”

5. Positive

If it’s hard for you to maintain a neutral tone, we recommend you to choose a positive one instead. When you sound optimistic and friendly, the recipient feels no hostility. Your demands are more likely to be satisfied if you sound nice.

The appropriate tone can completely change the recipient’s attitude. Keep the balance between formalities and positive emotions, and you’ll get what you want!

Complaining is not always bad, especially if your accusations are legal and justified. With our complaint letter samples, you’ll learn how to formulate your demands in a proper way and get what you need. Justice will be served!