The Advantages of Jogging


Jogging is a term used to refer to running, or trotting, at a leisurely pace. Probably, most of you recognize me as the professional runner, who always appears on your TV when the Olympic Games occur. However, we are not here to discuss that. I am presenting this speech with the special aim of educating you, students, about the advantages of jogging. Since I have witnessed and experienced these advantages in my life, I think I am best equipped to talk to you about them.

Inspirational story

Three years ago, I had an obese friend. I use the word ‘had’ because he is not obese anymore. When my friend approached me and told me that he needed a permanent solution to this problem, I advised him to engage in regular exercise. Every day, he used to wake up and run across a field near his backyard. However, he always got tired in no time. Therefore, this did not last a long time. He got tired. When he came back to me, I realized that he needed a less tiring exercise. Jogging was my first thought. This is because I had always used it in my training and it seemed to work. In three months, he had already made it part of his routine. Together with a healthy diet, it ensured that my friend was not obese anymore. Currently, my friend has a gym where he teaches people about the ways they can reduce obesity cases.


As a runner, jogging has to be part of your life. However, what is the essence and relevance of jogging to a university student who has no intention of becoming a runner? One definition of jogging, by experts, is running at a speed lower than 6 miles per hour. This is a speed that can be sustained by an individual for a long time. For the sake of improving one’s health, the speed of jogging does not really matter. What matters is that the individual does it continuously. Only then can it be helpful to the body. To start with, jogging creates a wonderful cardiovascular workout. This means that the heart of someone who jogs regularly stays healthy. Therefore, diseases associated with the heart can be eliminated. Secondly, jogging strengthens the muscles. Therefore, the overall physical condition of a person who jogs regularly is suitable.

While studying, sometimes stress might occur in the brain. This is due to the content that some students have to go through. Therefore, there is a need for improvisation of methods through which the students can relax. Jogging is the answer to this problem. It assists the individual in the relaxation of both the mind and the body. Jogging can also be used in the reduction of anxiety. Therefore, no one can doubt the benefits of this exercise on the mind. This shows that jogging can also be used in the improvement of academic performance in students. Therefore, it should not be viewed as a time consumer. It should be viewed as a booster for many vital activities.


From the few explanations that I have made, I hope that someone has changed their perspective on exercise, especially jogging. I hope that you have now discovered that you do not have to be a great marathon runner to benefit from jogging. Your health and fitness are determined and controlled by such activities. Therefore, there is need for a change in the lifestyles of most people. This can be extremely instrumental in the reduction of illnesses and conditions that come with an unfit body.


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