Clothes Order Letter

Reactive Inc.                                                                                        May 27,2013
Mary Pulonia
458163 Amla Street, Hyderbad
India, 859178

Triangle Store
Perry Smith
Unit 3, Maple Gate
Guilford, UK 899919

Dear Mary Pulonia,

Thank you for your prompt reply to our letter on May 17, 2013 and for sending your textile samples so quickly. We looked through your catalog on, and are pleased to place an order with the following terms and conditions:

  1. The cost of each pair of jeans will be $15/per item (including tax) – the cost of a jacket will be $20/per item (including tax);
  2. Delivery will be done within 4-5 days from the order date;
  3. Damaged items in transit are not the responsibility of the Triangle Store;
  4. Delivery address is Unit 3, Maple Gate, Guilford, UK 899919.
  5. If the order is not delivered by the terms and conditions above, the order stands cancelled and compensation given is 100%.

The list of the order:

  1. Black jeans model AD8288 – 20 items
  2. Black jeans model AD8287 – 15 items
  3. Black jeans model AD8288 – 10 items
  4. Jacket model TY6574 – 15 items
  5. Jacket model TB4837 – 10 items

We will appreciate early delivery of said items to the address mentioned in the terms and conditions. Payment we will made by transfer banking to your account on June 03, 2013. Please feel free to contact us for further clarifications in regard to this order: call 452-631-6574 anytime during business hours, Monday to Friday.

Best regards,
Perry Smith

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