Receiving a Twenty Year Service Award

Receiving a Twenty Year Service Award from the Webster Company

Dear directors and colleagues: It is an honor for me to stand here and receive such an award. When I was told that I needed to make an acceptance speech, I was embarrassed because I am not very good at speech-making. But then, I thought that I have much to tell our younger employees. I would like to thank my coworkers and teammates who have made my life here interesting and enjoyable. I would also like to thank Executive Director Paul Bonnee for his leadership and support during these twenty years.

Twenty years of service! I have never mentioned to anyone that I’ve been working here for such long time. I was sitting at my desk giving instructions to my new employees about this time last year. Now, I look around the room and realize that for about a decade, I was senior engineer in this department. It is a reflective moment. My career started here with the position of junior engineer assistant. I was young and full of great expectations. I worked very hard that year and to my surprise, I was promoted. I was assigned to a part of a project and a permanent place in the laboratory. During my experience at Webster, I have learned that progress does not stand still. Every year I follow the news in the world of engineering. It has allowed me to develop in the direction of today’s needs. The inspiration that the information gave me became a driving force for achieving new goals. I am thankful that the company provided me with opportunities for self-development. So, my advice is to use every opportunity to do your work to the best of your ability.

Now I wish to share with you some of my thoughts about our profession. Those who know me, be aware of my passion for this profession and my addiction to work! I believe most of you in this room will agree that we have pretty awesome jobs – engineering is both an exciting and intimidating profession. We make the lives of people easier and more enjoyable. A new world needs new inventions and contributions, and it all depends on your desire to bring to life something innovative and useful. If you understand and enjoy your vocation, be confident that the next several years of work will pass with lightning speed. Of course, commitment is not easy. As the saying goes “No pain, no gain.” However, success makes sacrifices worthwhile. It is a thousand pities that many individuals I started with are not sitting here with us today. However, I appreciate even more those of you who remain here. You remind me of how we began.

Let me close with a quote from a great Chinese thinker and philosopher Confucius: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Thank you again for this honor and the opportunity to share my thoughts and memories. I hope we will continue to do our best for our company and experience a huge success. Thank you!


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