Lawyer Resignation Letter Sample

May 24, 2013

Michael Frost
220 Corporation Way
Somwhereville, VA 22590
Senior Associate Lawyer

Anna Berb
Quest & Company Advocates
206 N. Sell Dr.
Richmond, VA 23218

Dear Anna Berb,
Subject: Resignation

This letter is being written to confirm my resignation as a Senior Associate Lawyer in Quest & Company Advocates. I enjoyed serving this company in this capacity and appreciated all the challenges and experiences that has molded me into a prominent lawyer.

This resignation comes in the wake of my desire to gain more experience by taking on responsibilities that are more challenging in the practice as a lawyer. I embarked on a search for a prospective chance to join a more prestigious law firm. After having gained a fruitful two-year experience from this firm, I thought it wise to make a leap and try for greater responsibility and therefore, greater reward for my career. These are the causes of my impetus to join Baltimore Advocates as a managing partner.

I would like to express my appreciation for your invaluable guidance and counsel throughout my practice of law in this firm. I have benefited tremendously from your tutelage and insightful experiences. It is with your leadership and guidance that I have this experience today. Even as I migrate to gain more experience where I will take an added responsibility by taking the front lead, there is no doubt I will maintain our close relationship, both personal and professional.

My special gratitude also goes to the entire staff of Quest & Company Advocates for the excellent work they do and being there for me in gaining experience in my career. My experience in this company has prepared me for my new challenge of becoming a manager in a new firm. I may be transferring my skills and knowledge gained to another firm, but by ties with the company will remain. Therefore, I still look forward to interact with all of you in this profession.

Yours sincerely,


Michael Frost

Senior Associate Lawyer