Friendly Letter Sample

May 30, 2013

Hey Melissa,

I hope you are in good shape. It’s been so long since I have seen your precious face! I heard the weather in Scotland has got the best of you. I hope your sickness goes away quickly.

How has your studying been coming along? Please send me some of the poetry you have written for your classes as soon as you can. I miss reading your eccentric verse. The last poem you sent to me shook me for several days – couldn’t stop thinking about it.

College is fun, but hectic. I had so many assignments and projects to work on this past month. Besides that, I am also doing an internship with a television channel.

I have a proper routine unlike before and the most interesting thing is that I am getting to meet a lot of journalists in person. I used to watch them on television and admire their guts and now I am getting to meet them. They are so inspiring. I wish you were here.

I just had my exams and now I am free. I am hoping to start another internship besides the one that I have in order to fill my time. Some of my cousins are also coming, so I am hoping these vacation days will be better than the last ones.

The weather here is much hotter than before and it’s difficult to even step out of the house. I have to go to college in this unbearable weather. Please send some of the rain over here. I was hoping to take some summer courses in college, but I have decided against them now. An internship would be a much better option if I have to start a job later on.

I have planned to watch some films this summer. I never delved into the world of classic cinema that much: Citizen Kane, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Ikiru, and your much beloved Being There. I know you want me to see these films – might as well follow the wishes of my best friend.

Wishing you a speedy recovery,

With love,


P.S.: I am sending you some pictures of our time together. I have one hanging in my living room to keep you in my house 🙂

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