Common Mistakes in Essay Writing

It is normal for humans to make mistakes. As to essay writing, there is no exception. But when you know the list of the most widespread mistakes, it will be much more easier for you to avoid them in your following papers.

Common Mistakes in Essay Writing

  • Weak structure.
    One of the most common formal mistakes in essay writing is ill-organized structure. An essay should consist of an introduction, main part (middle part) and a conclusion. But if you want to write a strong essay, it should contain as well:

    1. A thesis statement
    2. A thesis statement is the essence of your essay. It is a message that you want to deliver to your audience. A thesis statement should be placed at the end of your introductory paragraph.
    3. A conclusionWhen your essay is finished, you need to pay attention to revising spelling. You should remember that because of grammatical mistakes, you can lose grade points.
    4. Punctuation errors.
      You should read your essay carefully for punctuation errors. Colons, semicolons, comas, dashes should be placed according to the correct English grammar rules.
    5. Repetitions.
      The English language is rich in synonyms. If you can not find a substitute to one or another word by yourself, then use a thesaurus.
    6. Lack of evidence.
      Evidence is essential for essays, especially for argumentative ones. Without evidence, your essay will be pure opinion and will not have any value. Quotations, statistics, and paraphrased ideas will help you to prove your ideas.
    7. Usage of short forms.
      In the academic writing of essays, such short forms as I’m, It’s, and so on are inappropriate. The exception are quotations.
    8. Plagiarism.
      Unintentional or not, plagiarism is considered as a form of stealing. You can not use someone else’s thoughts and pass them off as your own. Always cite all facts that you mention.
    9. Lack of transitional words.
      The main purpose of transitions is to provide a logical connection between your ideas and thoughts. Also, thanks to them, your language will flow more smoothly. That is why you shouldn’t forget to use such words as in addition, moreover, also, plus the fact, besides, then, so far, meanwhile, etc.
    10. Usage of emotional language.
      When you write your essay, your mind should remain balanced. Avoid such expressions as “I absolutely disdain them.” Justify your words with facts, reasons, and citations.
    11. Going over the limit.
      If your task is, for instance, to write an essay on one page, don’t neglect it. The ability to express your thoughts precisely is precious.

Observing these rules will help you to write a worthy essay.

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