Business Brochure Examples

Business Brochure Example: Moleskine

March 1st, 2017

A long time ago, it all started with classic notebook used by well-known artists to perpetuate their inspiration and creativity on the paper. They filled it with ideas, aphorisms, memos, and drafts that later became the parts of amazing stories or beautiful artworks. Moleskine established as a brand in 1997 in Italy, reviving the iconic notebook. Nowadays, Moleskine brand is presented by a wide range of different products: from diaries and writing tools to office accessories and bags. It is…

Business Brochure Example: Harley-Davidson

March 1st, 2017

Visit the Harley-Davidson Museum and Feel the Spirit of Freedom and Rebellion! People say there is nothing better than driving on Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Now, you can try it for yourself, even if you cannot drive at all! Here at Harley-Davidson Museum, besides looking over more than 400 motorcycles, you can see the oldest Harley-Davidson bike in existence with Serial Number One, and listen to the history of products, people, and Harley culture. For those who are interested in the art…

Business Brochure Templates: Promote Your Business Effectively

A business brochure is a paper document aimed at the promotion of a company and its products or services. The brochure usually includes the most significant information about the company and some pictures to attract readers’ attention and interest. Business brochures are important for success because they inform and attract new clients at the same time.

We have provided you with these business brochure templates to help you create your own. Moreover, you will find additional information about business brochures below. After reading our article, you will know more about the main goals of business brochures and extraordinary business brochure examples. Enjoy the reading and be successful!

Why Do You Need a Business Brochure?

First of all, a business brochure is one of the methods of effective promotion. You can hand them out on the streets, leave them on tables during conferences and meetings, or use them as advertising material during massive events.

Business brochures allow you to put all significant information about your company in one place. You may tell your clients about the goals of your firm, as well as its history, standards, and products in a concise and attractive manner. You should also include your phone number and email in order to give the readers the opportunity to contact you directly.

Finally, you can present a wide range of your products in one brochure. That will increase your chances to sell one of your products and to bring new costumers.

How Can You Use Our Business Brochure Samples?

You may have enough creativity and potential to design an amazing business brochure. However, all of us need help sometimes. Our business brochure templates will be a useful source of inspiration for you and may motivate you to create your perfect brochure. Let’s figure out how our samples can be helpful for you.

1. Examine the content.

Read our samples thoroughly, and list all the points that we have included. Make notes about crucial elements in order not to forget anything while writing your own business brochure sample.

2. Analyze the writing style.

Business writing is not similar to academic writing. The language may differ from one brochure to another. It depends on your targeted audience and the type of your products. If you think that the style of our samples is appropriate for your brochure, don’t hesitate and use it as a template!

3. Study the structure.

Blocks, bullet points, lists – all these methods of presentation are an indispensable part of a good business brochure. Pay attention to the ways our authors use them to make the brochure more readable and informative.

4. Borrow unwonted phrases.

It is not always easy to find the one and only suitable word or phrase. If you see some great expressions in our samples, feel free to borrow them for your brochure. Please, don’t copy our business brochure samples or paragraphs. This action will be considered as a plagiarism!

5. Look for attention-grabbers.

The main goal of the business brochure is to attract potential clients. Examine how the authors of our samples emphasize the key elements and use these methods to create your own catchy phrases.

5 Unusual Business Brochure Examples

Extraordinary business brochures are an excellent way to grab the attention of customers. Moreover, if you try to develop an interesting design or form, they will not throw your brochure in a trash can, but save it and even show their friends or colleagues. Let’s see how you can surprise your potential clients and retain them.

1. An eco-friendly brochure

Ecology is an utterly acute problem nowadays. Today, to be eco-friendly means to be reasonable and humane. Don’t lose the chance to impress your clients, especially if they care about nature and planet Earth as much as you do. Here are a few options to make your business brochure eco-friendly:

  • Try to limit the use of paper: organize properly the pictures and text in order to fit in 2-3 pages.
  • Choose vegetable-based inks: they are more expensive but easy to recycle.
  • Prefer recycled paper: this is one more example of green technologies that will underscore your care for the environment.

2. A brochure that imitates your product

That is an awesome choice, especially for those whose main product is food. Are you an owner of a pizzeria? Make your brochure look like a slice of pizza, and no one will mistake it for an ad of cosmetics. Moreover, it will be much easier for your potential guests to notice your attractive and unusual brochure in the mess of their bags, and they will remember that it’s the right time for Italian cuisine!

3. An origami brochure

Your brochure can be not only for reading, but also for mastering origami skills. It is a great design for those who want to create an interesting and memorable business brochure. Imagine that you are a founder of an environmental community. Your brochures can be made in order to fold them like origami after reading. In such a way, your clients will get beautiful 3D figures of pandas, elephants, whales, and any other animal you like. They won’t resist donating and helping your community to save these amazing creatures!

4. A practical brochure

People often consider brochures to be a useless waste of paper and, what is more important, their time. Turn their outrage into delight when they see that your brochure is not just bright papers but a really useful item! If you are a manager of a water delivery firm, you can offer your clients a brochure that can be turned into a paper cup after reading. If you are an owner of a shoe store, the brochure shoehorn is your best choice. Use your imagination, and the proper design will be found!

5. 3D brochures

There is a child in the heart of every adult. That’s why we like playing computer games, having fun, and doing stupid but amusing things. Children like toys most of all, so try to use this passion. The 3D brochure is a playful and attractive way to promote your product. If you are a representative of a building company, you can put a simplified model of your building inside your brochure. No doubt, this move will surprise and entertain your clients.


Do you feel inspired enough to design your own business brochure sample now? We hope so. Business is a whole new world with specific laws, rules, and principles. We are always glad to provide you with helpful information about business writing. Our guide on how to write a brochure and samples are written by professional authors, which is why they are a great template for producing your own high-quality texts.