Business Brochure Example: Harley-Davidson

Visit the Harley-Davidson Museum and Feel the Spirit of Freedom and Rebellion!

People say there is nothing better than driving on Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Now, you can try it for yourself, even if you cannot drive at all!

Here at Harley-Davidson Museum, besides looking over more than 400 motorcycles, you can see the oldest Harley-Davidson bike in existence with Serial Number One, and listen to the history of products, people, and Harley culture. For those who are interested in the art of motorcycle design, Harley-Davidson Museum opened its Design Lab, where you can trace the Harley design influence. The exhibit shows the first engineering departments and the first unique styling department formed in 1963. Thereafter, go to the Engine Room, where you’ll see literally every piece that comes together to create a classic Harley motorbike. And, of course, visit the exhibit of classic bikes in the first-floor gallery.

Now, you are ready to mount a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with the help of the special
Harley-Davidson JUMPSTART. By the way, you can enjoy ride experience, even if you cannot drive a car or a bike. Our special platform combines a Harley bike and a special support stand platform. Do not be afraid; the motorcycle won’t tip over and no previous knowledge of bike experience is necessary. So, go tell your friends that you’ll saddle the Harley bike now! Launch the engine, give the throttle a twist and hear that inerasable Harley sound!

If you feel hungry or want to buy some of that biker’s leather jackets, Harley-Davidson Museum can help you with that! Motor cafe serves classic American food that shows the discoveries of the open road. Visit the cafe even if you just come for the food. No Museum entrance is needed to eat at Motor.

Also, in the Neighboring Shop, you can buy some unique souvenirs, posters and clothes. Here you can purchase the living the legend rivet that symbolizes a non-volatile bond that joins all Harley-Davidson riders.

If you are wondering how to spend your weekends in Milwaukee, visit weekly Harley-
Davidson events. For those who are searching for night attractions, Harley Museum organizes special Bike Nights, where you can check out motorcycles, enjoy music, fun, food and drinks. On August 3, Harley-Davidson organizes “Ride to Rockerbox.” The ride begins at Harley Museum and finishes in Milwaukee’s Riverwest place. Rockerbox is a great motorcycle show and a party, where you can see vintage motorcycles, sport bikes, scooters and much more! The event is free and ride registration is not required.

Museums are not always cool, but the Harley-Davidson Museum is always cooler than anywhere. Our Museum will refuel your passion for discovery!