Best Classification Essay Topics for Your Paper

There are a lot of disciplines which you need to write classification essays for. Our classification essay topics should help you to come up with your own idea of how to write a classification essay and what to write in it. We have divided topics into two main categories in order to make finding the right topic easier for you. Our topics will be suitable for students of different academic levels.

classification essay topics

Our classification and division essay topics are presented here to help you if you don’t know what to write about. You can choose one topic and rewrite it to come up with your own theme. In any case, look through our ideas for inspiration.

Division and Classification Topics

Classification of people

  • What is the classification of students in a library? Excellent students continually visit libraries. With hard work they achieve good results, and they are disciplined. Hard workers are constantly learning, but because of weak mental abilities they have modest successes in their studies. Random visitors are loafers who get to the universities with their parents’ help, and who don’t want to study at all.
  • What is the classification of roommates? A roommate who makes a mess can find a lot of things under their feet, on chairs, and sofas. A roommate who doesn’t care about studies is more interested in the prospects in their personal lives, making new friends, and driving emotions. A roommate who likes to drink alcohol does not surprise anyone, if to say that many residents of student hostels noticeably abuse alcohol, and do not know when to stop.
  • What is the classification of stand-up comedians? Comedians can be classified according to their styles of performances: Absurdism; anti-humor (alternative comedy, comedy for comedians); hard stand-up (stand-up on the borders of disgust, anger); comedy of observations; self-abasement; physiological stand-up or clownery; black humor (about death, parting, pain and suffering); and clean stand-up (try to use light images and do not use filthy language).
  • What is the classification of drivers in a traffic jam? Average office workers behave adequately, are quiet in a traffic jam, often stupid, can let a “herd” of other cars in the row, because of which the row stands still. The cool guy never turns on turn signals, is extremely idiotic and dangerous, believes that everyone owes him; but at the same time, he is afraid of the police.
  • What is the classification of sales clerks? The specialist is confident, and can be a good leader. The builder of relations is a solid person, knows how to please everyone, is hardworking, and a good family person. The leader or main clerk is an ordinary person, mundane, pleased with salary, and does not aspire to new achievements.
  • What is the classification of fictional detectives? Eugene François Widock (1775-1857): this man had time to see crime on both sides of the war with the law. Alan Pinkerton (1819-1884): Pinkerton was born in Scottish Glasgow. Duane Chapman (born 1953): this detective is atypical; nevertheless, he is good at what he does.
  • What is the classification of real estate scams? The first category (up to 10% of the crimes committed) are amateur scammers who do not possess knowledge, money, or connections. The second category (5% -7%) are single scammers acting alone. The third category of scammers are called original scammers, and commit about 20% of all crimes for deceiving buyers of residential and non-residential buildings.
  • What is the classification of shoppers? The first type is “just looking.” They really look, but silently, reacting to you, and flirting with the phrase “I’m just looking.” Next is the “lover of sightseeing tours” – they are opposite to the previous type. They walk around the trading hall, dragging the seller behind them. “Lovers to talk about life” are the next. More often than not, they are older people, people with obvious mental problems, or bored housewives.
  • What is the classification of churchgoers? The intelligent churchgoers usually say: “I believe in God, yes, it’s some higher Mind, impersonal, who knows everything and answers everything.” The believer churchgoers can often be found near the walls of a monastery or church, clinging to mosaics, crosses, pigeons, puddles, and everything nearby. Materialist churchgoers, on the other hand, are people who pay more attention to things – fetishes, icons – than the philosophical underpinnings of the professed religion.
  • What is the classification of friends (if you are a girl)? Best friend (girl): usually she is one, no matter how much we dream of becoming a heroine of SAC and have as many as three best friends. Best friend (boy): in general, the issue of the intergender friendship is open and inexhaustible. Friends of your boyfriend: this, on the one hand, is a lot of cool dudes; on the other, sometimes they act to the girlfriend of their friend like she is a boy.
  • What is the classification of people in relation to humor? The first is those who don’t have a sense of humor. That is, they do not understand jokes or humor. Then there are those who understand the jokes and humor, but they themselves can not joke. Next are those who can joke, but use not their own, but jokes, humor, and anecdotes created by others. Next are those who know how to “generate” jokes, humor, anecdotes, humorous aphorisms, etc. The ability to joke is more difficult than the ability to set tasks. And, finally, are the people who have all of the above qualities, plus the ability to teach humor to others, i.e. teachers of humor.
  • What is the classification of football fans? Supporters carry out long-term personal and emotional investments in a supported football club, which can be supplemented (but not replaced) by market investments, such as buying club shares and purchasing expensive goods with club symbols. Followers are fans who are fully interested in the club, players, coaches, and everything connected with them. Simple fans are fans with a developed sense of closeness and love for the club and its individual players, especially the stars.
  • What is the classification of teachers? Firstly are those who are offended by the state for paying less than to people of other professions, by children who are drawing devils on the desks, by parents for coming to meetings in insultingly expensive coats, and so on. “Screaming ones” are called so because they try to teach children through screaming. Next, the professional teacher loves not the students, not his or her work, but the science that he or she represents at the moment.
  • What is the classification of men who scare off girls on their first date? First, the sissy: If on the first date, he talked to the parent three times on the phone, having had time to discuss all her cats and the ration they had eaten for the day, that’s too much. Next is the aggressive one: As a rule, many women like pushy men, but only a very small number of girls admire real aggression. Then we have the greedy one: Girls like men who are able to manage money intelligently, but when a man on a date is grimacing when he sees a restaurant account, it upsets the girl.
  • What is the classification of the event announcer? The one considered the narrator is the owner of the beautiful voice. Most likely, he or she is a radio DJ or a TV announcer. Next is the “handsome” one – the owner of an impeccable, or close to impeccable, appearance. He is always perfectly dressed, shaved, and well-groomed. The one man (or woman) orchestra – usually he or she is a singing announcer, but there are also more diversified personalities, combining talents: a DJ, a musician, a dancer, a bartender, a magician, and so on.
  • What is the classification of smokers? First is the nervous one – he or she smokes first of all in order to calm down, to gather his or her thoughts, and often does it at night in bed. Next is the practical one – for this person, the cigarette is just a kind of rest. And then we have the communicative one – this type does not get any pleasure from his or her predilection. Smoking is primarily a way of communication.
  • What is the classification of players according to the attitude towards money? First is the ridiculous ones – these people are like rampant shopaholics. If there is a game, it must be played. Next is the rational and material ones – this is the complete opposite of the first, and they always remember that they are playing on their own money and really do not want to part with it. Lastly is the wise one – a real professional in his or her business! The excitement of the first type and the caution of the second one are equal. The key feature is calmness.

classification and division essay topics

Classification of activities

  • What is the classification of hobbies? Collecting is, perhaps, the most common hobby, because you can collect everything you want, from candy wrappers to antiques. Active types of hobbies are hobbies associated with extreme sports, recreation (yoga, dancing, hiking, parkour, parachuting, mountaineering, and others). Creativity is a very popular type of hobby, as any creative activity develops imagination, available talents, patience, and imagination.
  • What is the classification of tourism? Depending on the purpose, the following types of tourism are distinguished: cognitive or cultural and entertainment. It includes people’s trips in order to get acquainted with natural, historical, and cultural attractions, museums, theaters, the social system, and the life and traditions of the people in the visited country. And then there is business – at the heart of this type of tourism, the need to perform professional tasks exists.
  • What if the classification of dance styles? Free dance, swing, modern jazz, boogie woogie, contemporary, Lindy hop, contact improvisation, Balboa, Butoh, Charleston, electro, jive, house, rock ’n’ roll, trance, vaking, tectonics, quickstep, strip-dance, DnB step, go-go, pole dance (on the pylon), haka, jumpstyle, Melbourne shuffle, and belly dancing.
  • What is the classification of video games? Classification by platform: Personal computer (PC, laptop, netbook), game console (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo), mobile device (phone, tablet, pocket computer [PDA]), slot machine, and browser or flash game (virtual Internet platform). Classification by the location of the game camera: view from the 1st person (view from the eyes), view from the 3rd person (view from the back), two-dimensional side view (2D side view), three-dimensional side view (3D side view, pseudo-3D), 2D top view (2D TopDown), 3D top view (3D TopDown, isometric).
  • What is the classification of physical activities? All types of physical activity can be divided into three types depending on the mode of energy production: work in an anaerobic mode, energy is obtained without the participation of oxygen; work in an aerobic mode, energy is obtained with the participation of oxygen; and work in a mixed anaerobic-aerobic regime.

Other classifications

  • What is the classification of causes of injuries? Organizational injuries are the violation of the technological process, the rules of operation of equipment, poor technical supervision of hazardous work, violation of norms and rules for preventive maintenance of equipment, etc. Technical injuries are design flaws in equipment and tools, imperfections of signaling, locking, etc. Sanitary and hygienic injuries deal with pollution of the air environment with toxic substances, deviation from normal meteorological conditions, irrational lighting, noise and vibration, and violation of personal hygiene rules. Psychophysiological injuries deal with physical, neurotic, and emotional overstrain.
  • What is the economic classification of budget expenditures? The economic classification of expenditures of the budget presupposes the allocation of corresponding costs to three main groups: in fact, expenditures, receipts of financial assets, retirement of corresponding assets, and non-financial resources.
  • What is the classification of catering services? Services provided to consumers in catering organizations of various types and classes, as well as individual entrepreneurs, are divided into: food services; services for the production of culinary products and confectionery; services for the organization of consumption and maintenance; services for the sale of culinary products; leisure services; and other services.
  • What is the classification of shopping centers? The following types of shopping centers are distinguished: neighborhood, community, super community, regional, convenience centers, super regional centers, and specialty centers. For each type of shopping center, its parking index is used, which is determined by its concept and is calculated based on the required number of parking spaces per 100 meters of rental or total area of the shopping center.

For most students, the good classification essay topics presented here will be a great chance to come up with their own topics. So, we have gathered the most topical issues that can help you to write a high-quality essay. It may seem very simple – you choose a topic and write your paper on it, but a lot of students don’t know how to deal with their writing. The most important rule: do not panic, as we also have posts on our site that explain how to write different types of papers, and classification paragraph examples which will show the appropriate format. These posts will help to prevent you from getting a low grade.