Analytical Research Paper Topics: 16 Awesome Ideas for Students

Analytical research papers are one of the most frequently assigned tasks for students. They help evaluate their writing skills, analytical and logical thinking, and other cognitive abilities. Sometimes, the topic of your research paper is specified by your instructor. In other cases, you have the complete freedom of choice. However, it can be hard to choose a good analytical research paper topic by yourself without any guidance. Below, you will find a list of interesting and unusual topics that you may use to create a great term paper. Short instructions for every topic will help you with the writing process. Check out our guide on how to write an analytical research paper as well.

analytical research paper topics

Healthcare and Medicine Analytical Paper Topics

Importance of Stem Cell Research

Stem cells are a class of cells that can develop into different specialized cell types. There are two categories of stem cells: adult and embryonic. Stem cells have a unique ability to divide and make copies of themselves an undefined number of times. Stem cell research has great potential, which is why we offer you this topic to prepare an interesting analytical research paper on healthcare and medicine with the following aspects of stem cell research:

  • causes of genetic defects;
  • corrections of body parts and organs;
  • growing new cells;
  • causes of cancer;
  • drug tests.

Difficulties of Raising an Autistic Child

Autism is considered to be a developmental disorder that causes troubles with communication and social skills. It is hard to determine whether this disorder causes more difficulties for autistic children or for their parents. A modern healthcare system provides families that face such challenges with special opportunities, but it can’t solve all their problems. Provide thorough research on this analytical paper topic in order to create excellent work. Use only reliable sources of information: educational websites, scientific journals, non-fiction books, articles of experts, etc.

The Positive Effects of Stress on Human Life

Generally, we don’t associate the word “stress” with anything good or positive. Wrinkles, depression, exhaustion, and gray hair – that’s what comes to mind when we think about stress. Surprisingly, stress is not a 100% bad phenomenon. We don’t encourage you to look for stressful situations because we are sure that you will face them soon or later. Just try not to worry and remember these positive effects of stress:

  • boosts productivity and concentration;
  • develops a sense of control;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • increases creativity.

You may not only memorize these effects but also compose an interesting analytical research paper about them!

Analytical Research Paper Topics on Psychology

Analytical Research Paper Topics on Psychology

The Concept of Desire in Freudian Psychology

The name of Sigmund Freud is probably the most famous in the sphere of psychology. He was a creator of psychoanalysis and other helpful techniques for diagnostics and treating psychopathology. No doubt, some of his ideas are contradictory and debatable, but nobody can question his significance to modern medicine. Sigmund Freud believed that all human actions are controlled by our fears and desires. In your analytical research paper, we suggest you to provide a deep analysis of the concept of desire in Freudian psychology and answer the following questions:

  • What is the truth of desire according to Freud?
  • What are some desires locked away in the unconscious?
  • What is repression?
  • Define the Oedipus complex and the Electra complex.

The Negative Effects of Abortion on Women

Abortion is a very painful and debatable issue. You should be careful with your suggestions and judgments if you choose this theme as your analytical paper topic. For years, opponents of abortion have claimed that terminating a pregnancy results in psychological trauma for women. However, recent research on this question suggests that abortion, in fact, has little effect on a woman’s mentality. After the procedure, women don’t demonstrate any symptoms of psychological traumas like depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem. Still, there is no universal response to this question. We suggest you to provide a deep analysis of the facts and data and draw your own conclusions.

The Basic Principles of Natural Parenting

Raising kids is always a challenging task, especially when parents don’t have any special skills, qualifications, or education. Still, almost all families face this responsibility soon or later. Every parent is free to choose his or her own way to raise their kids. Some families prefer to hire a professional nanny who will provide qualified help. Others read dozens of books about the modern teaching techniques and child psychology in order to create perfect conditions for raising a child prodigy. Another interesting option is natural parenting. This method might seem uncivilized to modern people, but it has proved its effectiveness. Analyze the basic principles of natural parenting, and you’ll get a brilliant analytical research paper.

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Analytical Research Paper Topics on Sociology

Phenomenon of Femvertising

Advertising is an indispensable part of the modern informational space. It can be annoying and unwanted, but some kinds of advertisements are useful and important. This applies to the phenomenon of femvertising. It is a new trend in advertising that rejects portraying women as sex objects and stands for female empowerment. This type of advertising is becoming more and more popular as it is both beneficial for advertisers and has a positive social impact. Take a closer look at this phenomenon and analyze the following aspects in your research paper:

  • the basic principles of femvertising;
  • Femvertising Awards winners;
  • the issues of feminist advertising.

The Role of Female Politicians in the USA

The empowerment of women is a matter of time. Suffragettes of the 20th century would be surprised if they saw how far the feminist movement has progressed. However, there is still much work to do. If you care about female issues and history, this theme will be a great analytical paper topic for you. Research the historical role of women in US politics and provide an overview of the modern state. You shouldn’t focus exclusively on the historical aspect, as you will compose a sociological research paper. Choose one of the following themes and develop it in your research after a thorough analysis of moderns trends and tendencies with regard to female politicians:

  • Does the media present a politician’s wins and failures differently depending on his or her gender?
  • Why is gender equality in politics impossible/possible?
  • How do gender expectations influence the image of a politician?

The Rise of Fake News in Modern Society

The quality of journalism is gradually worsening in many instances. The main purpose of newspapers and magazines is not to inform but to draw the attention of the audience at any cost. Unfortunately, this tendency entails another one – the rise of fake news. Do you have trusted sources of information? Can you trust social media? How can fake news influence public opinion? What are the ways to reduce the amount of fake news in an individual informational space? Focus on one or several questions from this list, and you will be able to compose a great paper on this unusual analytical research paper topic.

The Consequences of the Population Aging

If you have never heard of population aging, you probably live on a desert island. An increase of the median age emerged first in more developed countries, but now we can see this tendency in less economically developed countries. The causes of population aging are quite obvious: increasing longevity and declining fertility. Better standards of healthcare, higher status of women, and population policies in several countries affect longevity and birth rate. However, what expectations do sociologists have with regard to this tendency? Analyze all the possible variations in your research paper.

Economy Analytical Paper Topics

Economy Analytical Paper Topics

Positive and Negative Effects of Globalization on the US Economy

Our world is becoming smaller and smaller thanks to faster methods of transportation, social media, and the human love for traveling. International contacts play a great role in all the aspects of our lives. The US economy is not an exception. Unfortunately, we can’t call all the effects of globalization on the national economy positive. We recommend you to divide your analytical research paper into two parts. Firstly, examine the positive influence of globalization, and then evaluate its negative impact. In the concluding part, express your personal opinion on this theme and explain to your readers why you consider globalization to be beneficial or harmful for the national economy.

The Effects of the Atlantic Slave Trade on the World Economy

There is no place for slavery in the modern world! Right? Unfortunately, the slave trade is still a painful and horrifying social issue. Why can’t our society get rid of it forever? The answer is simple – money. Human trafficking is a source of great income for the underground economy. Nowadays, slavery is illegal, but a few centuries ago, it was as legitimate as silk trade or teaching. Transportation of the enslaved Africans to the Americas was nothing more than just a business. We offer you to choose the effects of the Atlantic slave trade on the world economy as your analytical research paper topic. You may focus on several countries or evaluate the impact of this trade on the global picture of the world.

The Reasons for the China-United States Trade War

The interrelationships between the USA and China have never been warm and friendly. Endless conflicts and confrontation between these two giant countries is a subject of interest for historians, economists, and political scientists. The so-called trade war started in April 2018 when the US government imposed a series of tariffs on Chinese goods. The Trump administration accuses China of unfair trade practices and theft of intellectual property. We suggest you to analyze thoroughly these and other reasons for the trade war between China and the United States in your analytical research paper.

Analytical Paper Topics on History

Analytical Paper Topics on History

Colonization of the African Continent

The African continent is considered as the cradle of humanity. Maybe that was the reason why the Europeans desired to conquer this land. Some African countries still depend on their colonizers, in spite of the fact of their juridical sovereignty. The responses of the African states were not always the same. Some countries fought back, while others preferred collaboration. Anyway, the era of colonial conquest is a very interesting historical period, and we recommend you to choose it as your analytical paper topic. We offer you to focus on one African state or one colonizer and thoroughly analyze how the conquest influenced their culture, economy, and politics.

Origins and Development of Fusion Music Style

The cultural legacy of humanity is a crucial part of our history. If you are interested in music and its development, this topic is a perfect choice for you. Fusion is a musical genre that combines jazz with other styles like rock, funk, and R&B. Analyze its development in the late 1960s and the influence of other musical genres on its peculiarities. Don’t forget to mention the main figures and important compositions. In your research paper, you should also explain how the fusion music style has affected the development of modern music genres.

The Influence of the Renaissance on the Protestant Reformation

Humanists considered our earthly life to be something more than a pathetic mix of sins and suffering. They expressed their thoughts through their art and social activities. Such concepts were anti-Christian from the viewpoint of the Catholic Church. Firstly, the idea was to apply a few reforms and save the unity of Christendom. However, disputes and differences divided the Christian world into two branches – Catholicism and Protestantism. The result of the Renaissance’s influence is obvious. Your task will be to dig deeper. Analyze key ideas of both movements, learn more about their leaders, and discover connections between the Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation.

Finally, our work is done here! We have provided you with great analytical research paper topics and understandable instructions. Now, everything is on you. We are sure that you will make the right choice and pick the most interesting topic. Writing an analytical research paper may seem challenging, especially for beginners. Don’t worry! With our guidance and analytical research paper sample, you will write a paper quickly and easily and get a high score. payforwriting is glad to help students with their writing problems anytime.