How to Write an Order Letter to Make the Best Deals

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular these days. You don’t have to waste your time walking around the malls looking for things you’ll like. The internet is the only thing you need when it comes to modern shopping. However, there are a few pitfalls you should be aware of. As you don’t speak with the seller personally, you have to know how to write an order letter properly. An incomprehensible letter may cause inconveniences both for buyer and seller.

how to write order letter

Our detailed guide on how to write a purchase order letter will help you to deal with online shopping easily and take advantage of all the possibles sales! Follow our instructions, and your dream purchase will come closer. In addition, you’ll be able to use our order email sample placed at the end of our article.

How to Write a Purchase Order Mail: Dos and Dont’s

Below, you’ll find some helpful tips that apply both to the writing process and online shopping in general. If you don’t know how to write an email to order something, take a closer look at our recommendations. There are both instructions on how you should compose your order letter and what mistakes you should avoid.


  • Specify all the details.

You are a customer and you have every right to know all the details about your purchase. Don’t be shy! Feel free to ask questions as the answers of the seller can influence your decision. Of course, you should read thoroughly the description provided by the seller first. Otherwise, your request will be irrational.

  • Be polite.

In fact, this recommendation applies to any kind of letter. But when it comes to business letters, this tip is even more useful. Sellers become your business partners in some way even if your business communication is limited with one deal.

  • Ask about the delivery time.

We have to emphasize this particular detail as it is crucial when it comes to ordering something online. For example, if you want to order a present for your friend’s birthday or buy a dress for your sister’s wedding, the delivery date really matters.

  • Be accurate.

When you provide details on your order, be specific, clear, and attentive. Don’t forget to mention all the aspects in the order to avoid misunderstanding. Remember that your accuracy will have an impact on your satisfaction rate. If you compose your order letter in a manner that is accurate and easy to read, the receiver will be able to comprehend it without any difficulty.

  • Use separate paragraphs.

For each item, use a separate section. This structure will increase the readability of your letter. In addition, it will look like a list, and the seller will have no difficulties with the understanding of your requirements. Below, you’ll find an outline of the proper order email. We recommend you to use one paragraph for each point of this plan.


  • Don’t hesitate.

When you are sure about the goods you want to buy, don’t waste your time. You never know what may happen, especially when it comes to delivery. Imagine that your friend does not receive any present from you because of the storm in the Sea of Japan. That would be awkward. Start writing an order letter as soon as you determine your purchase. A company in which you are going to buy a particular product from should be given enough time to execute your order.

  • Don’t use jargon.

The seller is your business partner, not your pal. Thus, you have to use a formal writing style. If you know the seller personally, you can use a semi-formal style, but first, make sure that you won’t sound too familiar.

  • Don’t go in a roundabout way.

It is not a love letter or an ancient Greek poem. Go straight to the point! You shouldn’t forget polite words, but there is no need to ask about the seller’s life or write about yours. Conciseness should be your primary criterion.

  • Don’t make orders.

When you don’t talk to the person personally, it is easy to forget that you are writing to a real individual, not to a robot responsible for the delivery of goods. The seller is not your servant, so don’t forget to be polite.

Now, you know a bit more about how to write a purchase letter. Still, our work is not finished here. After these general recommendations, let’s dig deeper and take a closer look at every section of your order letter.

How to Write Email for a Purchase Order: Structure and Sections

No doubt, a purchase order email has to be detailed and clear. That’s why it requires proper planning. Below, we provide a comprehensive list of all sections of order letters and their content. If you follow this guide your letter will be understandable and informative.


A subject line is crucial for any type of business letter. It helps the recipient to understand at once what you actually want. Don’t get into the details. Write something like “order for 2 dresses” or “purchase 10 books.” Plus, the subject line helps to find your letter among other emails quicker.


If you know the name of the seller, everything is easy. Just write “dear” + title (Mr/Ms) + second name. In case you don’t know the name, everything is easy too. Just write “Dear Seller” in this place. As you can see, that’s not the line you should worry about.

Information about your company

This part is not necessary. However, if you plan a long-term business relationship, some information won’t hurt. You can say a few words about your future plans and how this particular seller can help you to implement it.

Your order details

Here, you write everything, really EVERYTHING, about your order. Indicate model number, color, size, number of items, etc. Be attentive, as the seller will send you exactly what you’ll order. If you buy several different items, describe each of them in a separate paragraph.

Payment mode

You can pay with your credit card, check, money transfer, or even cash if you prefer courier delivery. In some cases, the seller specifies the preferred payment mode. If you’ve already paid in advance, mention it in your letter. Your email should also contain information about the cost of the price, such as taxes, so that there is no misunderstanding when making a payment.


Indicate the preferable mode of shipping. Don’t forget to point out a deadline delivery date. If you want the seller to cooperate with the carrier, indicate his phone number. Mention if you prefer a door-to-door delivery or if you can pick your goods from storage.

Special instructions

This section may include any information about the terms and conditions agreed upon by you and the other party involved.

Future cooperation

As a rule, sellers pay more attention to the orders received from prospective clients. If you are planning to cooperate with the supplier in the future, don’t hesitate to mention it in your order letter.


In case the seller has some difficulties with your order or delivery, he should have the ability to contact you as quickly as possible. Thus, you should share your contact information in your purchase letter.


Order letters belong to the category of business writing. That’s why you should use one of these standard closings:

  • Regards
  • Sincerely
  • Yours truly
  • Yours sincerely
  • Respectfully
  • Best regards
  • Kind regards

With all of our instructions, you now know how to make your purchase order letter better. Please, be very attentive, as the quality of your order partly depends on your instructions. Since an order letter serves as a legal proof of an agreement, it should be written carefully.

The last piece of information we’ll share with you is our order letter sample. It is written by one of our writers in the proper way. In addition, you can take a look at useful comments to know exactly what each section should include.

How to Write a Purchase Order Letter: Sample Analyzed

After all of our instructions, we’ll also be glad to share this example with you. We hope it will help you understand how to write an email for purchase order properly. You can use our sample as a template for your own writing. Don’t forget to change the details like the delivery address or prices of products!

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how to write a purchase order

how to write a purchase order letter

As an order letter is a contract proving the process of sale and purchase between two parties, it is important to construct it accurately. If you state your needs directly and clearly, the vendor will have no problems with reading it and dispatch the demanded product to you on time. We hope that our guide on how to write an order letter will help you to compose your purchase emails easily and effortlessly.

Payforwriting is always glad to lend our readers a helping hand, no matter what writing problems you face. We provide you only with high-quality guides and well-written samples so that you may use them as templates for your own letters.