How to Write a Resignation Letter – Leave in Good Fashion

Definition of a Letter of Resignation

A letter of resignation is a type of short letter where you inform an employer that you are going to leave a job. A universal form for such a letter does not exist. There is no such law that specifies how a letter of resignation should look. But there are several rules that must be followed when writing such a document.

how to write a resignation letter

How to Make a Resignation Letter – Structure

Many employees are interested in the question, “how to resign from a job officially?” You can do it via a resignation letter. The letter must be handwritten by yourself. This does not mean that if it is typed on a computer, it will not be taken into consideration. The letter is written mentioning the name of the employer or his or her authorized representative (for example, the CEO), but not mentioning the name of the head of the structural unit.

This information is indicated in the upper right corner. Here you also need to specify:

  • position and full name of the manager or employer;
  • your position and name of the applicant;
  • the name of the structural unit where the applicant works.

Then you need to write “Dear” with the name of the employer, and after this greeting, you need to state the very essence of the letter. If you are not fired, but are leaving because of your own desire, here you need to specify:

  • the date from which you want to quit;
  • cause of dismissal;
  • an indication of unused vacation time if necessary;
  • date and signature.

This letter is transmitted to the HR department or to the employer himself or herself. If you should do it via the HR department, it is better to write two copies, and the one that the employee has should have a mark with the number of the incoming document and the signature of the person who accepted it. This is done in case the letter is lost.

If you put it personally in the hands of the employer, then you also need to have two copies. It is better that on the second copy the employer writes “got acquainted.” If the employer refuses to accept the letter or put a mark, then the letter can be sent by registered mail with a notification. Exactly after two weeks the employee has the right not to go to work. If the employer refuses to make all the due payments, the employee may appeal his actions in court.

When writing a letter, it is worth considering several nuances:

  • It is not worth writing “please dismiss from …” concerning the date. The preposition “from” in this sentence is superfluous. It turns out a double interpretation of the meaning of the letter – the employee wants the specified date to be the last working day or he wants to work on this date already.
  • Therefore, it is better to write “I want to resign on 19 February, 2019.” That is, on the specified date, the employee no longer works for this employer.
  • The date of writing the letter and the date of submission must comply. Otherwise, the prescribed two weeks will be counted from the date of submission, not the date of writing it.
  • It is desirable to indicate the number of the employment contract that the employee asks the employer to terminate, and the date of its conclusion.

An employee can write a resignation letter while on vacation or on a sick leave. You can spend all of your vacation days, and then not return to work. Being on sick leave, the employee will be dismissed at his or her own will after 14 days. The employer will be obliged to pay him or her a sick leave sheet in accordance with the current legislation.

If the employee is on probation, he or she must warn the employer about the intention to resign three calendar days in advance. In all other cases, it should be two weeks in advance. However, the legal system of each country provides foundations when an employee can quit on the day of writing the resignation letter without obtaining the consent of the employer.

If, with the consent of the employer, the employee is dismissed the day after the letter is submitted, then it is necessary to conclude a termination agreement. In this document it is necessary to write down in detail:

  • the date of dismissal and the date of the last working day, of which these days do not always coincide;
  • the indication that the employee is dismissed the next day “by agreement of the parties”;
  • all payments to which the employee is entitled before dismissal – wages, compensation for unused vacation, and severance pay, if it is provided for by a labor or collective agreement.

How to Write a Resignation Letter – Sample

If you don’t know how to resign from work officially, then our how to write a resignation letter example will help you. Take into account the structure of it and the features that it has. Don’t forget to include all necessary elements that you can find in the sample in your own letter of resignation.

Click on the image to see its full size.

how to write a resignation email

5 Rules on How to Write a Resignation Letter for a Job

  1. The document must be written. It doesn’t matter whether it will be written by hand, typed on a computer, or typed on a typewriter. It means that you just can’t say to the employer that you want to resign – there should be a document that proves it.
  2.  The resignation letter should clearly and unambiguously state your intention to resign. Do not write that you do not tolerate this work, or you are thinking of quitting, but out of kindness you (without you, the whole company will fall apart!) go to this corporate hell.
  3. There is a date when the document is drawn up. Without it, it will be impossible to determine how much you still need to work.
  4. The originator’s signature is required. It is done to confirm that you, being of sound mind, made a serious decision to quit.
  5. You can file the resignation letter in person, send it by mail, or use the services of one of the many delivery services. Just do not forget that when you specify the desired date of dismissal, take into account the time for transportation.

How to Write a Resignation Email – 5 Subtleties

  1. Working out the two weeks required by law is obligatory for all categories of workers.
  2. You can safely go on vacation while working out the last days if you haven’t spent the acquired time yet, or have a sick leave if you get a virus on the bus.
  3. If you have a less than satisfactory relationship with your superiors, they are entitled to fire you earlier than after two weeks or without working the final days at all. It is worth trying to negotiate. If you have good relationships with your superiors, your letter of resignation can be signed easily.
  4. Not 14 days,but another amount of time will have to be spent working by those who are on probation (only 3 days) and the head of the company (1 month).
  5. If you indicate the date of your dismissal as a day off, the authorities do not have the right to refuse you such a whim. Just get the clear on the first working day after the specified date.

How to Write a Formal Resignation Letter Without Working It Off

How to do a resignation letter without working off the final days? The letter should be written in the usual manner, according to the template, and the only nuance is that it should contain the phrase “working off the final days is impossible because …” or a similar formulation stating the reasons. Without working the days, the letter can be taken in such situations:

  • The need for urgent treatment (hospitalization). Health is more important than a job.
  • Admission to the university and the need to urgently begin studying.
  • Going to the army.
  • Going to jail. We sincerely hope that you will never have to write a letter of resignation because of this, but still, it is necessary to know it.
  • Family circumstances.

Also, you should know that:

  • The enterprise has no right to dismiss you while you are on outpatient or inpatient for treatment. But you, lounging in bed with the flu, may write a paper to dismiss it. That is, it should be your decision!
  • If it happens that the dates indicated in the letter are also the dates in the sick list, then they will fire you on the date that you indicated in your document.
  • The composition of the paper remains without significant changes.

A letter for resignation without working off the final days can be made only in such cases:

  • The employee’s rights are grossly violated by the employer. You do not intend to endure long wage delays, working on weekends, and an atmosphere of general hatred.
  • You will not be able to work off the appointed two weeks (retirement, the beginning of studies at the university, the army, going to prison).

If you quit by agreement between the parties, the desired date of dismissal needs to be negotiated with the management of the company. They can count upon you at any convenient time, so everything is decided by negotiation. The HR department will prepare a special document, in which it indicates all the necessary data of the employment contract (date of conclusion, number, etc.).

how to make resignation letter

How to Withdraw a Letter of Resignation

Now you know how to create a resignation letter, but what should you do if you want to withdraw it? Did you write a letter of resignation, and then change your mind? No problem! A letter can be withdrawn if:

  • From the moment of your reckless act no more than 14 days have passed.
  • They have not found a person to replace you or the new employee did not confirm his consent to work officially. Yes, it only seems to you that without you the enterprise will “give up” and the management will finally understand what a huge burden of duties you had on your shoulders, and in fact the banal truth that there are no irreplaceable people is confirmed.
  • In the case when you decided to have your vacation before you leave, you can withdraw your letter only before the vacation starts. So, on vacation, you weigh all the pros and cons of your decision.

There are no difficulties in withdrawing the document. You can either write a new letter in any form in which to report the return of the “prodigal son,” or simply make a mark on the old letter so that it is considered invalid.

How to Write a Resignation Letter to a Company – What Else to Know

The company does not want to accept your document! What should you do? You think that the paper can not be signed. Don’t be upset! By submitting your letter, you can ensure it in the following ways:

  1. Send the letter by registered mail with the obligatory notification of receipt. Receive the receipt from the post office – you never know what new facets of the company will open to you when you decide to leave!
  2. Fill in the document in duplicate and ask the employee who accepts it to put his or her signature on one of the letters, the registration number (incoming correspondence), and the date when the letter is accepted.

So you will save yourself from hearing, “We know nothing about your resignation!” if these actions were carried out correctly, but if the top-brass gives you no answer, then you can simply not go to work – the law is on your side.

Now you know how to draft a resignation letter in different situations for you to quit. Your letter will be written easily if you follow our tips and use the sample that we have presented. We hope we helped you to resign from your work without any difficulties. Get acquainted with our other guides to learn how to write other types of letters.