Informal Essay Examples

The Best Journey of My Life

May 7th, 2013

There is nothing better than the emotions and feelings one can receive from setting out on an adventure. Journeys help us to forget about our everyday issues. That is why I want to tell you about the best journey of my life. It started at home as I began to pack items for a journey. I was excited because my parents and I were going to Thailand, the most interesting place to me. I could not imagine what it would…

Ig Nobel Prize

April 17th, 2013

Human beings often use comic relief as a source of solace. Awarding scientific humorists is an extraordinary way to promote comic alleviation. The organizers of the Ig Nobel Prize introduced honor achievements that made people laugh and then later on think. This paper will discuss the Ig Nobel Prize, its origin, how the ceremony is held, and some of the people who won the award. The Ig Nobel Prize was first organized by Marc Abrahams, a founding member of the…

The Market Scene

April 17th, 2013

Everything in existence is changing. Nothing disappears—it only shifts its form. And, despite the rapid information and technology development of our civilizations, the market exists, fulfilling its primary, historical mission: the exchange between buyer and seller. The market is considered from different points of view, but we will study its original meaning, namely retail space, where there are a multitude of buyers and sellers. A market is a place where an exchange between seller and buyer takes place (Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary)….

Informal Essay Examples to Ease Your Studies

Writing blogs, keeping diaries, and creating posts in social media all are forms of the informal style. An informal essay involves a more relaxed style than a formal essay and covers a wide variety of topics. This essay is usually written for pleasure and entertainment, but still requires the writer to stick to a strong structure and an academic style. When you read a book or poem, both you and the writer has enjoyed the process. In college or university, informal writing is assigned in order to determine whether the student can express thoughts and feelings in written form.

If you think that you have poor writing skills and you don’t completely understand how to write an informal essay – there is no need to panic. This is the right place to find a helping hand in those hours when your professor or writing office is not available. Sometimes it’s better to do it by yourself than waiting for a stressful meeting to receive general advice that you can easily find over the internet. Relax, take a cup of your favorite tea or coffee, and start deepening the principles of informal writing with our short informal essay examples.

It is thought that it is better to see something once than to hear about it several times. This rule also works with essays. When you don’t feel confident with writing a certain essay, you need to find some good informal essay examples for high school to see how a finished essay can look. But don’t limit yourself with one single sample that you find suitable. You can search for more essays from other rubrics and find out more ideas for topics and content.

Every experience is individual, but sometimes it’s hard to express it in the right words. Since childhood we are making friends and learn how to be a really good friend. How can informal essay examples about friendship help you? Nevertheless, a sample essay can give you some ideas or perspectives on how you can analyze your friendship or help you remember some moments that you can describe in your essay.

Here are some tips to write a good informal essay:

  • Choose an interesting topic. To be able to write a good essay, you need to find it interesting. Your readers will be bored if you are not interested in the topic yourself. Visit our topics page to find some ideas for your paper.
  • Read some informal essay examples. Pay attention only to reliable sites that you know well or ask recommendations from friends. When you got stuck with your informal essay, samples are the best helpers.
  • Stick to the right tone. Informal essays are less formal and have a more conversational tone than other academic essays. But still you don’t have to use slang and colloquialisms.
  • Add emotions. No matter whether you are writing something funny or sad, you need to show more emotions and engage your reader with the text.
  • Put the most effort to narration. Think that you are writing a story and don’t pay too much attention to formal guidelines. But don’t forget that any story should be well-structured and contain a beginning, middle, and end.
  • End strongly. Make sure that your readers will have positive and strong emotions after reading the last sentence of your essay. Summarize your thoughts in a memorable and catchy manner.

No matter whether you need an example of informal essay about education, family, or love, check our samples to get a good kick-start in writing a great informal essay. If you are thinking about copying parts of a sample to your own essay and pretending it to be your own words, this won’t work. There is a high probability that your tutor will consider it plagiarism. We advise you to put away those thoughts and pay attention to structure, transition words, and ideas that you can apply to your own writing. We hope our samples will serve you well!

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