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Students commonly have many problems finding the most appropriate and interesting topic for their thesis. Some students are assigned a possible thesis topic, while others have total freedom of choice. If you are experiencing writer’s block or feel empty when thinking that you need to find a topic for your thesis, this article, with some of the best topic examples, will help you!

thesis topics

Here you can find a thesis topic list on various disciplines. We have accompanied each topic with descriptions and leading questions to help you get an idea on what you can write about. Also, we recommend you to look through the section “How to Write a Thesis” on our blog to have a better understanding on how to plan and structure a thesis, and what things you should avoid to write a good thesis.

Interesting Thesis Topics in Education

1. What is the effect of extracurricular activity on students?

Extracurricular activities play a great role in a student’s life. Sports, art clubs, camps, volunteering, and more – all of these activities develop certain skills that can be beneficial for a student’s future. Students that participate in such activities show better academic performance, get higher scores on standardized tests, and attend school on a regular basis. Out-of-school activities help the student get a higher self-concept, develop physical and mental health, improve leadership skills, and more. What types of activities are the most effective in school/college/university? How can extracurricular activities be made affordable to all families? How can a student keep the balance between studying and activities to avoid burnout?

2. Explore how sex education at school can influence the abortion rates among teenage girls.

Like any area of social and personal life, sexuality has always been a subject of social control. For example, in many countries sex is a prohibited topic. And still, even in countries with a liberal attitude toward sex, many parents experience difficulties when speaking with their children about sex. Teenagers are forced to get information about sex from school, friends, internet, and pornography. As a result, teenagers rarely get an adequate idea about the process, contraception, and diseases. Nowadays, there is no unified program of sex education in the US. Only 22 states provide compulsory sex education in schools. How can sexual education decrease abortion rates among teenagers? What points should be included in such lessons? Should this program be unified? What social problems can arise and how to avoid them?

3. Determine the types of technology that might make lessons in an inclusive classroom more productive.

Technology is an undeniable part of the modern classroom. Technologies in inclusive classrooms are used to solve two problems: increasing the accessibility of the educational environment and improving the level of child involvement in the overall educational process. Such technologies as computers, iPads, and audio/visual equipment may become a real benefit for students with disabilities. Depending on the type of disability, students may have the possibility of full access to the lesson material. A wide range of software helps to engage and appeal to the most students with special needs. What projects in inclusive classrooms are the most successful? What are the new ways of using existing technologies in the inclusive classroom? How can the e-learning environment be a benefit to pedagogical practice?

4. Design a managerial framework for the best practice to apply and implement the ERP system in higher education institutions.

ERP systems are a prerequisite for ensuring the stable functioning of various parts of the information environment in an organization. A correctly compiled ERP system allows college or university management to receive regular automatic reports on its activities. Usually management will concentrate on such basic components as student attendance, employee records, the register of educational programs, and the register of buildings. In your thesis you can focus on one educational institution in your region. Calculate the costs and create a plan of what should be done in order to implement the ERP system. How much will it cost to design and develop the corporate information system in the chosen educational institution? What criteria should be chosen for implementing the ERP system?

5. The role of language in education. Bilingual programs.

The US has always been a country with a multicultural society, but it still has problems with providing equitable education for all children. Start your thesis by defining the role of language in education and how language influences the quality of perception of new knowledge. Review the existing literature connected with the perception of information in various languages and peculiarities of bilingual school programs. Analyze the situation of bilingual programs around the US. What types of programs are used? You can use a case study of a particular school with the implemented bilingual program and determine the factors of success of such a program. Analyze the barriers and the possibility of implementation of this program in one of the schools in your location.

psychology thesis topics

Easy Psychology Thesis Topics

1. The Yellow Wallpaper short story from a psychological approach.

The Yellow Wallpaper is considered to be an exceptional example of feminist literature. Charlotte Gilman has used literary tools to show a woman oppressed through the image that society has given to women. Approach this story from a psychological point of view. In the first chapter, try to make a brief overview of the story and analyze the situation depicted in the story. Make a psychological portrait of the heroine. What kind of disease does she suffer? Analyze the story from various psychological approaches (e.g. psychoanalysis). Add quotations from the story to prove your point. Think on how the author’s life pushed her on writing this short story.

2. Define the role of depression in emotionally abusive relationships.

The number of cases of depression has significantly increased in the past 50 years. Depression and abusive relationships frequently live side by side. Trauma from domestic violence is linked to the mental health condition of the victim. Domestic abuse may become a trigger for depression. Also, women that have abusive relationships are more prone to postpartum depression. At the same time, depression may become a way out of violent relationships. What treatment should women take? How can we help woman leave the abuser? What supportive therapies should be applied in this case?

3. Analyze the factors that influence self-esteem in adolescents.

Self-esteem is how high or low a person evaluates his or her personal qualities and capabilities. The process of formation of self-esteem is complex and contradictory, like the teenager himself. You can start your thesis with the definition of self-esteem according to various authors. Describe why self-esteem is important in everyday life. Analyze the existing literature and give a theoretical background of self-esteem formation. Highlight Maslow’s theory on self-esteem and analyze it in the context of adolescent self-esteem. Analyze modern articles that discuss problems adolescents face and how they can affect their self-esteem.

4. Distortion of the body image in patients with obesity and anorexia nervosa.

Anorexia and obesity are two faces of the same coin. The nature of both states is the same and affects the same neural networks. The line between them is very thin: the patient can move from one extreme to the other. Both of these states bring about a strong negative attitude towards the patient’s own body and are manifested in an active desire to change it. Such patients exhibit pronounced distortions in image of the physical self. In your thesis you can investigate the theoretical background of the structure of the body image and analyze the factors that influence its distortion. Define peculiarities of eating behavior in patients with anorexia nervosa and obesity in comparison with healthy people.

5. Psychological peculiarities of narcissistic state.

In psychoanalysis, the term “narcissism” was used by Freud in 1910 to characterize libido processes directed not at other sexual objects, but on the self. A person with narcissism is completely sure of his or her oneness and uniqueness, which gives a sense of superiority over other people. A person with narcissistic disorder experiences an excessive need for admiration and approval. In your thesis you can emphasize how various scientists approach the narcissistic state. What are the key features of narcissistic theory? What are the main approaches to the problem of narcissism? What are the causes of narcissism? What are the signs of narcissistic disorder? Define the genesis of narcissism and peculiarities of working with narcissistic patients.

finance thesis topics

Unique Economics and Finance Thesis Topics

1. Approach the problem of unemployment.

Unemployment has a global scope. Problems of unemployment in the world economy require coordinated actions by all states to decrease unemployment rates and to overcome its consequences. The issues of protection and support of sustainable enterprises, expansion of job opportunities, and assistance to the unemployed were among the priority on the agenda of summits dedicated to overcoming the economic crisis. In your thesis you can make emphasis on how the unemployed member of society should be encouraged by relevant authorities to lean towards creating self-employment opportunities instead of waiting for job opportunities.

2. Analyze whether East Africa is the optimal currency area.

The development of the country in the current conditions of political and economic turbulence is impossible without allies and partners that would provide support, security, and stability. That is why many states seek to interact at certain structural levels in order to obtain economic or political benefits from this. Five countries, members of the regional economic bloc called the East African Community (EAC), came to an agreement on the introduction of a single currency. What are the benefits of such a community?

3. The nexus between financial hardship and financial literacy.

The task of financial literacy consists, among other things, of seeking additional sources of income and constantly thinking about how to increase income. But keeping records and planning income and expenses is necessary, regardless of the amount that a person receives. What role does inadequate financial literacy play in financial hardship? What are the causes of financial hardship? What are the world practices of spreading financial literacy among individuals?

4. Is there a possibility to pay workers with Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. Its emissions are not controlled by any state, transactions are transparent and yet anonymous, the system is securely protected, and it is simple and at the same time extremely complex. In your thesis, give the background information about the Bitcoin and make sure that any reader will be able to understand it. Explain every technical term so the text will be clearly understood. Explain what mining is, the blockchain process, a short introduction to the SHA256 algorithm, how individuals can get Bitcoins, etc. In what countries is Bitcoin accepted? How is it regulated by the law? Is there a possibility to pay workers with Bitcoin? How can it help states with high inflation rates?

5. Research the residential energy efficiency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Economic development in the countries of the Persian Gulf is accompanied by a construction boom. Saudi Arabia is competing with other oil monarchies in the region in an attempt to surprise the rest of the world with giant projects. In Saudi Arabia, 53% of primary energy is consumed in residential buildings. In your thesis, try to determine the factors that could influence the increase or decrease in the electricity consumption of Saudi residential buildings, and forming the baseline for residential energy efficiency in Saudi Arabia. This objective could be achieved through an overview of other researchers and journal articles that discuss related topics. What are energy consumption and energy efficiency trends?

master thesis topics

Great Management and MBA Thesis Topics

1. Business administration. Airport safety management.

The main indicator of the quality of the air transport system is the safety of flights, the provision of which is considered the main problem in the field of quality of airport services. The main indicator of the quality of the functioning of the air transport system is also the safety of flights, and is considered a pressing problem in the field of quality of work of airport ground services. Describe the main points of air safety management. What are the peculiarities of airport security management? Analyze the implementation of Crew Resource Management CRM. Are there any gaps between aviation-based design organization safety guidelines and operator safety risk management guidelines?

2. High-frequency trading. How does it affect the market quality?

High-frequency trading is the main form of algorithmic trading in financial markets, where modern equipment and algorithms are used for rapid trading in securities. Traders use high-speed connections of trading platforms and trading algorithms to identify patterns of trading behavior of third parties that can be used to their advantage. It is believed that, like everything very complex, dynamic, and difficult to learn, HFT has a double impact on the stock market. High-frequency trading algorithms are speed oriented, mainly because most of them use arbitrage or passive investment strategies to generate their revenues.

3. Online cross-selling effectiveness.

The essence of this method is that the user who buys a product is offered to buy a number of additional goods that correspond to his or her interests. This method can be an effective tool for improving business performance and increasing sales. Cross-selling is based on the analysis of sales and the determination of those goods that the consumer buys together. The determining factor in the effectiveness of cross-sales is the relevance of the proposal. What data should be considered for choosing products for cross-selling? How to calculate the effectiveness of cross-selling? How can cross-selling be implemented in particular business?

4. Analyze and critically assess the performance evaluation of subsidiaries in multinational enterprise (MNE).

MNE is a company or corporation that has subsidiaries in several countries. Introduce and discuss the methods that you will use in the practical part in order to achieve the goal of the thesis. For successful management of all divisions in MNE it is advisable to conduct a performance evaluation of subsidiaries. Think what methods are the most suitable and apply these methods to a real MNE. Specifically, you need to analyze how headquarters evaluate the performance of subsidiaries and critically assess this process with respect to the importance of such an evaluation in MNE, including an economic assessment.

5. Authentic leadership theory.

Leadership and management are two different but complementary systems of action. Each of them has its own functions and characteristics. They are equally necessary for success in a complex and ever-changing business environment. The conducted research has shown that the main thing for the leader is character and values. Authentic leadership is a great topic to investigate, as this topic is not fully researched and needs more empirical research. You can analyze the existing theories about authentic leadership and come up with your own conclusions on the topic.

easy thesis topics

Master Thesis Topics in History

1. Were concepts of the ten commandments stolen from Hammurabi’s code?

As a system of rules governing all aspects of life, the law is present in every religion. The reason for this is that behavior determined by a list of rules is the most simple and psychologically explainable form of human behavior. The most ancient laws are represented in Decalogue (or Ten Commandments) and Hammurabi’s code. Laws in Decalogue and Hammurabi’s code contain many similarities. Some of the laws are exactly the same, and these similarities are striking. However, most of these similarities end in the topics they address. A specific approach to solving issues, if not completely opposite, then, in most cases, is significantly different. What similarities and differences can you find? Analyze literature to come up with the arguments on why this all occurred.

2. Jackson’s Indian removal pogrom. What was the purpose of the “trail of tears”?

President Jackson’s policies toward Native Americans initiated during his tenure as president were designed to clear the US landscape for “white” settlers. It can be argued his myopic idea did not take into consideration the disadvantaged citizens in the US. It can be argued his policies appeared to be successful at first, yet their intended outcomes were not always met. Discuss President Jackson’s plan and go into some specific aspect of them in detail. How can it be argued that it was good or bad for revolutionizing the social and geographic landscape of US citizens? What other methods could Jackson have used to stabilize the country?

3. Discuss ways that industrialization affected the US after the Civil War between 1865 and 1920.

Industrialization in the US was carried out according to a unique model, dictated by the extremely special position of the country. State your opinion on how industrialization after the Civil War influenced US society, economy, and politics. Determine major aspects of industrialization during 1865 and 1920 that influenced the US society, economy, and politics. Consider issues such as geography, entrepreneurship, and legislative representation. What specific groups were affected by industrialization? How was each group (considering issues such as race, ethnicity, gender, child labor, etc.) affected? How did industrialization affect the life of the average working American?

4. The US as the policeman of the world.

By the mid-20th century, the United States had become the dominant force in international relations. Some have argued that the United States military functions as the world police. What consequences does the US face as a result of its status as policemen of the world? Find real-life international incidents when the US used military actions abroad for the last five years. List aspects of US history since 1865 that have led to the rise of the US as a world police superpower. Consider treaties, exit strategies, elections, wars, etc.

We hope that with this article you will find the most suitable thesis ideas for your own paper. You can use these topics as you see them or transform them according to your requirements. Choosing the right topic for your thesis is halfway to success, so be sure that the chosen topic is both relevant and interesting for you. Check other topic ideas for other types of academic papers on our website. Also, we recommend you to look through thesis examples and see how completed papers should look. With the help of our guide, topic ideas, and samples, we believe you will write an outstanding thesis – just start writing right away!