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Advertising Copy Sample

March 1st, 2017

The App that Knows Your Tastes Better than You Do Five days ago I arrived in Tokyo after a long flight. Unfortunately, I didn’t explore good places to eat in the town. So, I put my bag in the hotel and went to Shibuya Street, where a vast variety of restaurants, shops and nightclubs are situated. I randomly selected one pretty good and expensive Japanese restaurant. After my meal, I left feeling I could have done better, if I would…

Advertising Copy Example: Renaissance Cleveland Hotel

March 1st, 2017

Explore the Culturally-diverse City of Cleveland with Renaissance Cleveland Hotel. Book your Room Now and Delight in Every Moment of our Tour! Renaissance Cleveland Hotel offers luxurious rooms with some of the lowest rates in the city. Order your hotel suite and stay connected to Cleveland’s best attractions. As our hotel is situated in the city’s center on the Public Square, you do not need to worry about missing opportunities to enjoy shopping and dining with the special Renaissance Navigator….

Advertising Copy Example: Guide for Golf Beginners

March 1st, 2017

Everything You Need to Know as a Golf Beginner Golf may seem to be very complicated for beginners. There are so many rules and so many clubs. And, of course, there is special lingo, like in any sport. At Berry Dunes Golf Resort, this may be our usual language, but we also understand that such jargon can scare potential players off before they even choose a club. That’s why our competent Berry Dunes Golf Resort instructors wrote this online beginner’s…

Advertising Copy Example: Headphones

March 1st, 2017

The time for a change has come! Try out new superb iListen headphones that are better than Monster Beats by Dr. Dre! Please do not fall victim to expensive fashion headphones by famous stars. Just try out our superb iListen headphones! They are not so expensive but are definitely of high quality. If you really care about good sound and are indifferent to features like brand awareness or popularity, your powerful iListen headphones are just what you are looking for!…

Ad Copy Examples Will Eliminate Confusion With Writing

The main purpose of advertising copy is to present or promote ideas, services, and products on the market to increase their sales. Ad copy examples of such texts include articles in magazines, texts for radio commercials or video programs, advertisements on product cards in online stores, and a description of the product on its packaging.

Types of Ad Copies

There are several different classifications of advertising copy. You can divide advertisements into informative, prestigious, explanatory, and reminiscent types. It is worth learning more about these categories.

  • Informative ad copy. In general, this type of advertising creates a primary demand, allows consumers to remember the brand, and also points out the advantages of a particular product.
  • Prestigious ad copy. Usually this type of advertising is presented in small texts, since it attracts the main attention with the help of images. Especially often this type is used by car manufacturers, the creators of expensive clothes, and fashion accessories.
  • Explanatory ad copy. This kind is intended for a detailed description of the advantages of a particular product. Often, the opinions of experts are used for this.
  • Reminiscent ad copy. Its main task is not to immediately sell the product, but to convince the consumer that they were not mistaken when they bought this product. In this case, the buyer will continue to use the advertised products.

Language Features of the Ad Copy

The language of advertising copy stands out against the background of other functional entities, which can be attributed to the mass information used in communication systems. The main purpose of advertising is to alert potential and real buyers about the benefits of a particular product, idea, or service. The advertising copy should influence the consciousness of a particular person, insistently urging him or her to do something, to visit a performance, or to order a service.

The peculiarity of advertising language is that verbal information is always supplemented by other factors:

  • visual content (advertising printed in newspapers, magazines, posters);
  • sound content (includes advertisements on the radio and television).

In advertisements, synonymy is actively used, and phrases are possible that exceed the general language standards. Polysemy and short phrases that carry a large informative load are widely used. In some cases, one word in advertising can replace a small text.

Hypnotic Ad Copies

Hypnotic ad copies allow the advertiser to attract the special attention of the possible buyer to the products. At the same time, it is necessary to make an impression on a person, which will distract him or her from other thoughts and concentrate on a particular product. To provoke interest, advertisers use the so-called “bait” in the text (this can be an interesting title, a picture, or a phrase) that must be logically related to the advertising copy itself and the product that it describes.

Another way to attract attention is to understand the needs of the buyer and try to help him or her meet them. To do this, advertisers conduct an analysis of consumer demand and then target advertising to specific groups of citizens.

Requirements for an Ad Copy

Specialists working in the advertising industry have developed a set of requirements for advertising copies that allow creating an effective product. Advertising should include a headline and subheadings. Such an ad copy is much more interesting to read than just a continuous set of words. In addition, it should highlight the most important details.

The next requirement is that the text should contain as many concrete facts and numbers as possible. It is this detail that attracts the special attention of possible buyers. It is important that the numbers, among other things, are also in the title of the ad copy. The text should not be too voluminous. It is best that the ad copy be small, but at the same time maximally informative and demonstrating the advantage of the goods.

It is very important to disclose the main offer of the ad copy in the first paragraph. People should be intrigued after reading it. This will attract even more attention. A clear (homogeneous) target audience is what any person who writes an ad copy needs. You are lucky if the product or service is intended for people of the same sex, age, social niche, and so on. Here you can create a portrait of the average representative of the group and write for him/her. When you write an advertising copy for one – you write for thousands, because the target audience is homogeneous.

As a rule, target groups differ in the following indicators:

  • Gender
  • Average age
  • Family status
  • Estimated earnings
  • Profession
  • Hobbies, interests

And so on …

And immediately a couple of insidious questions arise:

What about ad copies for a mixed audience, when there is no clear understanding of the target group? For example, what to do with material about dog food? Here, after all, you can not distinguish audience by sex or age: young and old, men and women, rich and poor – all is mixed up. But in order to understand this, you need to find out what your target audience wants.

If there is no clear composition of the target group, then the reader’s specific need comes first. Let’s consider the same food for dogs as an example. All buy it, starting from the youngsters on daddy cars and rockers, ending with retirees and pop stars. There is almost nothing between these groups, except perhaps the need to buy good dog food. Accordingly, this need becomes the main thing when creating the future ad copy.

Slogan in the Ad Copy

The slogan in the ad copy is necessary in order to once again attract the attention of the consumer, to form a positive opinion about the image of the advertised company, service, or product. In general, the slogan is placed at the end of the advertisement, and it is desirable that it stands next to the name of the manufacturer or brand. This position of this element of the text makes it possible to summarize and form the final offer.

The main objectives of the slogan:

  • create an image of a product or service;
  • cause interest in a particular buyer;
  • show the qualitative advantages of the product;
  • stay in the memory of the buyer.

How to Make Analysis of the Ad Copy

Articles and ads, the main task of which is advertising products, must meet a certain set of requirements. It is through such rules that you can analyze specific advertising. If the text of the ad is written incorrectly, this leads to the fact that the words do not produce the desired effect.

Usually, the following violations of the rules are met:

  • The text is written vaguely – such ad copies written in vague sentences are not able to arouse the buyer’s interest. The correct text should contain short sentences with clear and understandable wording.
  • The advertiser writes the text as from his or her position – this is also incorrect. The description should interest a particular person, so it is important to state the facts in the ad copy that can attract the attention of readers and future consumers.

How the Best Ad Copy Examples Can Help You

For many people it may be difficult to convince a person with his or her own money. It is for this reason writing an ad copy seems impossible for those people. Check out ad copy samples on our site – they can help you avoid losing a potential client and his/her money as well. Our samples will be helpful from the very beginning till the end.

Usually, the recommendations for creating ad copies are presented in an unclear way. You should keep in mind data collection, the attitude to the facts, requirements for the structure, stylistics, and other different information. A person who wants to understand the principles of making an ad copy should check out great ad copy examples presented on our site.

To prevent all possible mistakes in your writing, we offer samples for you to get acquainted with. For each stage of writing, you will have a template. In any case, you need to know how to make your material structured and homogeneous. We recommend that you leave what you were doing for several minutes and read samples presented on our site.

In half an hour your skills will be significantly strengthened and many questions will certainly find the right answers. Our samples show how to grab the reader’s attention in the simplest way. By reading through examples, you will learn what important things to include in your own business paper.

Later, when you want to do an ad copy, you just need to look through the necessary section on our site to immediately remember how to do it right. To choose the right template, you should understand your target audience. We can assure you that any person can learn how to write ad copy – the main thing is to choose the right sample!