Advertising Copy Example: Guide for Golf Beginners

Everything You Need to Know as a Golf Beginner

Golf may seem to be very complicated for beginners. There are so many rules and so many clubs. And, of course, there is special lingo, like in any sport. At Berry Dunes Golf Resort, this may be our usual language, but we also understand that such jargon can scare potential players off before they even choose a club.

That’s why our competent Berry Dunes Golf Resort instructors wrote this online beginner’s guide for you. To those people who don’t know much about golf, our goal is to explain to you 5 simple golf basics that you can learn from your sofa.

To Begin With

One of the best ways for a newbie to begin playing golf is to take group lessons. Group lessons are not as expensive as private ones. Moreover, it is always easier to learn the basic grip, set up, and swing golf moves in a group. Some people find it more comfortable and motivating to learn golf basics with other beginners. Furthermore, if you have no golfing partner with whom to try out your golf skills, group lessons can help you to find one or several partners. A one-hour lesson for an entire group at the Berry Dunes Golf Resort Practice Center costs $100. With a vast variety of bunkers, a 1-acre putting green and multiple targets, our Practice Center will satisfy your every golfing desire.

Please, do not fall victim to your friends teaching you! I am sure that their intentions are good, but they will do damage to your golf swing. Golf experts know how to help you to master your game; that’s why they are experts! So, enroll in an instructional course and learn properly!

Private lessons

You can take a private lesson once you have learned the basics and are in need of individual attention to develop more advanced golf skills. A minor adjustment in the posture, grip or stance can make a significant difference in your playing performance. With the assistance of a private pro instructor, you will learn the changes you need for achieving accuracy and distance. The game takes place at our 66-acre Practice Center (just two minutes from the Lodge) and will cost you $50 for a half hour lesson and $90 for a one-hour lesson.

See what you are doing wrong!

One tool used by Berry Dunes Golf Resort pros is to analyze a beginner’s swing through videotaping. This is an effective method in helping players to view and correct their mistakes. Our experts also suggest that novice players practice drills designed for specific purposes. For instance, our expert may suggest a drill that requires the player to visualize a vertical line above the ball in order to encourage a full shoulder turn. When you are performing your backswing, you can strive to have your left shoulder pass the line to the right and have your right shoulder pass the line to the left on the downswing, and follow through.

Golf Rules and Etiquette

Playing golf is a part of a tradition, and golf etiquette is just as important as the rules. Golf is all about respect, honor, and honesty–not just hitting a ball in a green park. Here at Berry Dunes Golf Resort, we adhere to golf tradition by teaching newcomers how to behave correctly on our special golf course. There are many important golf rules and golf etiquette guidelines of which our expert can inform you. Some examples are issues like playing the ball where it lies and knowing when it is appropriate to move a ball, maintaining the speed of play, and preventing game distractions. Other guidelines include golf chart etiquette, such as “ninety-degree” rules and “cart path only.”
In summary, as a first step, you can read and study the official golf rules on the USGA website before you come to play. As for etiquette rules, they are mostly common sense issues. So, the more you play, the more you will understand.

How to Choose the Right Club

If you are a beginner, you can borrow a club from the coach or use training clubs for lessons. However, when it is time to buy your own set of clubs, it is essential that you make the right choice! Our Berry Golf instructors will recommend to you the right type of club and all necessary features to take into consideration. For instance, new players with a slow swing speed can address it with a club that has a flexible shaft, has a higher loft, and a large clubface. Our pro will suggest to you a type of club that will help you to easily launch a ball and to achieve the necessary distance and level of accuracy.

However, if you decide to purchase a club on your own, buy a set of them! It does not need to be a full set; a few wooden, iron, pitching, and putter clubs will do. Remember this advice: if the shafts are too firm or the grips don’t fit your hand, you won’t achieve a desired game performance. Choosing the right club is just like picking out new shoes. They must fit.

“Must Have” Golf Items:

– A set of golf cubs;
– A place for game (practice area at a golf course);
– A pro golf teacher;
– Good training plan;
– A golfing partner;
– Golf rules and etiquette;
– A positive mood.


At last, you know all of the golf basics! All you need to do is come to Berry Dunes Golf Resort and practice, practice, practice! At Berry Dunes Golf Resort, you may choose five radically different golf courses that are built on a beautiful coast near Pacific Ocean. Berry Dunes maintains a dozen holes that cover 23 miles of undisturbed shoreline. Your game will start on a massive dune, then progress through open meadows, and then again into the dunes.

We have different types of rooms to offer, in case you want to stay for a while at Berry Dunes Golf Resort. There are Chrome Lake Rooms with one king-sized bed, Lily Pond Rooms with two queen beds, and the Lodge with single rooms. Moreover, at Berry Dunes Golf Resort you will find great restaurants, golf shops, a sauna, and an exercise room.

Berry Dunes Golf Resort is situated near seaside town of Bandon, just 30 minutes from the Southwest Regional Airport and Highway 102. So, don’t hesitate. Come to Berry Dunes Golf Resort and enjoy your classic golf game!