Advertising Copy Example: Headphones

The time for a change has come! Try out new superb iListen headphones that are better than Monster Beats by Dr. Dre!

Please do not fall victim to expensive fashion headphones by famous stars. Just try out our superb iListen headphones! They are not so expensive but are definitely of high quality. If you really care about good sound and are indifferent to features like brand awareness or popularity, your powerful iListen headphones are just what you are looking for!

iListen headphones represent the latest achievements in the sound industry and are incredibly practical:

  • They lie on your ears naturally and absorb all irritating noises.
  • Our greatest scientists developed uncompromising technology for iListen headphones.
  • Using the best Bluetooth feature, iListen headphones let you stream songs from tablets, smartphones, and computers. Also, our Bluetooth feature allows you to switch between voice and music (for instance when answering phone calls), as well as volume-control and music play-back.
  • The range of our headphones varies from earplugs to full size headphones.
  • You can also choose the size, type and technology of your headphones.
  • We offer headphones with powerful deep bass (like Monster Beats) and visceral dynamic range.
  • All our sound products are sealed, which means they isolate noise perfectly. By the way, our sealed headphones are ideal when you do not want to hear the rush of the streets or sounds noticed by other people.

Consequently, we can fairly say that there is no better sound quality, noise reduction or comfort of fit in other headphones.

If you try our iListen headphones for one minute, you will notice a dramatic reduction of engine roar, compared to other headphones. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to iListen headphones and feel sound become more peaceful. With iListen headphones, you can hear detail you may have never noticed in your favorite songs before!

Our users told us they listen to music or watch movies with our headphones while at the office, at home, walking on the street, or while traveling in airplanes. They use iListen headphones with our telephone connect cable to choose music-enabled mobile phone mode. Many customers notice that iListen has a great look while Sony, Sennheiser, and Beats headphones are not as attractive in their eyes.

The only way to feel the comfort of our headphones is to put them on and listen for at least 10 minutes. Therefore, you may test our iListen headphones for 30 days without risk, for free. So, take advantage of our fantastic product now and pay the price only after 30 days of use. iListen headphones are a good choice for less than $99!

Remember, a higher price does not mean that headphones will sound better. Our product is exclusively engineered by ICom, the most reputable name in audio products. ICom has been creating audio-products since 1914. Our scientists conducted much research to make our product innovative. If you want to try better headphones than celebrities advertise, try out our cool iListen headphones!