Use Cover Letter Examples That Work for All

Cover Letter Sample

August 12th, 2013

Chris Laker                                                                                     May 30, 2013 1654 Connecticut Ave. Washington DC 23339 Tel: +1-202-645-8999 David Baker Personnel Manager Sweets Inc. 433 Huge St. Washington DC 23339 Dear Mr. Baker, I am very interested in the position of Marketing Trainee…

Cover Letter Sample for Job Application

July 5th, 2013

James Milner                                                                                                    May 24, 2013 578 Michigan Road Indianapolis, IN 12345 123-555-1234 Director of Human Resources Tropical Bakers Ltd 653 Elmwood Ave. Indianapolis, IN 12345 Dear John McKennel, Hiring Manager:…

Cover Letter Sample for Job Application – What to Remember

A cover letter to a resume is a document in which you can more freely present yourself from the best side and interest the employer. The presence of a cover letter to a vacancy response is an additional advantage of the applicant in employment.

How to write a cover letter to a vacancy response? If a cover letter to the resume is sent purposefully to the head of the HR department or the head of the company, in the header of the document you must specify his or her full name, position, and company name.

Drawing up a cover letter for a vacancy response begins with an appeal. Short cover letter examples of appeals in a cover letter are as follows:

– Hello!
– Hi!
– Dear Sirs!
– Good afternoon, … (name / Mr. or Ms. … / full name)
– Dear … (name / Mr. or Ms. … / full name)

Next, you need to write what job you are applying for, and where you found out about it. If you wish, you can say a few words about the company (its success, leadership, stability, etc.).

For example:

– I am interested in the position …
– Your company is known as a leader in the field of …
– Recently I saw / on your site … / on the site … / on the internet a vacancy …

Then you need to say why you contacted this company and why you want to take this particular position. Here you can focus on your professional achievements and work skills.
For example:

– I can describe myself as …
– I have … years of experience in the field …
– I am fluent …

In the next part of the cover letter, when responding to a vacancy, it is necessary to express gratitude for reading the letter and for attention to the candidature.
For example:

– Thank you for your time reading the letter.
– Thank you for your attention to my candidacy.
– I will be grateful if you can call me back.
– If necessary, I can come to you for an interview at any time convenient for you.
– If you have any questions, you can contact me by phone below.
– I am pleased to accept an offer to meet with you and talk in more detail about …

If a resume or a letter of recommendation is sent with a cover letter, you must say:

– You will find my resume and recommendations in the attached file.
– More detailed information about my professional activity can be found in the attached CV.

End the cover letter to the resume with the following phrases:

With best regards,
… (full name),
… (Signature)
Phone: …

… (full name),
… (Signature)
Phone: …

CV Cover Letter Example

Good afternoon, dear Josephine!

On the website I learned that a vacancy for a sales representative has appeared in your company. After reviewing the list of qualification requirements, I came to the conclusion that I can apply for this position, considering the fact that I have been working in the field of sales for almost two years, while effectively fulfilling my plans and tasks.

Desired salary level: from $10,000.

You can see more detailed information about my duties and achievements as a sales representative in the attached CV. I am pleased to accept an offer to meet with you and tell you in more detail about my professional work experience and possible potential. You can contact me by phone (123) 456-7890.

Thank you in advance for your attention to the letter and the time spent for considering my candidacy.


John Smith

Resume Cover Letter Examples

A cover letter to a resume is usually provided on a separate form with the requisites of the applicant or in the body of the e-mail (message).

Here are great cover letter examples in short forms:

Option 1.

Dear John, in response to your vacancy for a real estate specialist placed on the Personnel website, I am sending my resume. I would be very grateful if you do not disregard it.


Nick Cave
telephone + 1-234-56-78-90

Option 2.

Good afternoon, John.

A CV is in the attached file. I am applying for the position of lawyer. The source of information about the vacancy is I am ready to provide any additional information necessary for the consideration of my candidacy.


Nick Cave
telephone + 1-234-56-78-90

Option 3.

Dear Sirs,

I ask you to review my resume for a vacancy for a real estate specialist. I will be glad to receive from you an invitation for an interview.


John Smith
telephone + 1-234-56-78-90.

A more detailed cover letter is written in a similar way. Let us highlight the main points that need to be reflected in the extended form of a cover letter:

  • The position for which a resume is provided.
  • Reference to the source from which the job offered is known about.
  • Consideration of your candidacy.

Example: From advertising on the internet, I learned that your company has vacancies in the field of maintenance and control of optical fiber networks. In this regard, I want to offer my candidacy for consideration for a vacancy related to the implementation of the function of installation and configuration of peripheral equipment for optical fiber networks. I assume that my work experience can be claimed as a foreman of installers or a head of maintenance department.

  • Briefly, but accurately and meaningfully, make an extract from the resume, in order to justify the suitability of your professional and personal qualities of the position for which you are applying.
  • It is necessary to say about the readiness to work with dedication and professional growth, in the direction indicated in the vacancy, in this organization.

Example: Over the past years, I have successfully operated in the chosen direction as part of state veterinary and customs regulatory authorities, and established contacts and experience of cooperation with both the largest USA food industry enterprises and with leading foreign suppliers. The attached CV will give an idea of my professional experience, qualifications, and potential opportunities.

Example: All the experience of my work, as well as the professional knowledge, skills, and expectations of further progress, lie in the field of active direct sales and work with clients (both at the executive and administrative level). At the moment in my asset I have more than five years of experience in sales in the B2B market in the manufacturing area, as well as management experience in this area during the last year of work. At the last place of work, I, in the position of the head of the sales department, was personally responsible for the activities and results of the sales service in the field of B2B (medical and cosmetology equipment).

Willingness and desire to pass an interview in the company, during which you can more fully and accurately provide information about yourself.


I am pleased to accept the offer to meet and tell a little more about my work experience and possible potential. You can contact me by phone … or email …



If you are interested, I will be happy to answer all of your questions during the interview. You can contact me by phone. Thank you in advance for your attention and time devoted to my candidacy.


Good Cover Letter Examples Don’t Contain Mistakes

If you look at professional cover letter examples, you will see that they don’t have mistakes. If you have never written cover letters before, you may make mistakes in your letter. Below is a list of common mistakes:

  1. Copying the same simple cover letter template when responding to different jobs.
  2. Imitating another cover letter.
  3. Having confusing text.
  4. Excessive frankness, self-confidence, or a story about an irrelevant experience.
  5. Attempting to be overly witty.
  6. Negligence, spelling and punctuation errors.
  7. Demonstration of disrespect for a potential employer. Despite the obviousness of this error, such letters, unfortunately, cannot be called an exception to the rule. Is it necessary to explain why such a response to a vacancy deprives an applicant of hope for employment.

Before you send a written letter and resume to the addressee, assess its volume. It is necessary to follow a simple rule: brevity is what a cover letter needs. Two or three small paragraphs will be quite enough to interest the recruiter, but not to tire him or her.

Be sure to check your letter for literacy. Spelling and punctuation errors can negate all the work you put into it, especially if the position for which you are applying implies a high level of general development. So use dictionaries, reference books, and the capabilities of computer text editors.

A cover letter in style should match the company’s industry and corporate culture. For the majority of engineering, medical, banking, consulting, and other employers, a mature business style will be suitable. It is a win-win scenario for 95% of vacancies posted on the internet. It is distinguished by the most light and informative form of writing: a simple structure, common terminology, and the absence of cumbersome and complex sentences.

Free Cover Letter Examples

Stop using unconvincing constructions like “with great joy I would be a part of the company,” “it would be an honor for me,” “I would really like it” – these phrases are trite and unoriginal. Diversity, emotions, stories – use these to write interestingly. In this way, you will acquire a great job.

Sometimes an employer wants not only to see a list of skills that correspond to the stated position, but true love and passion for work and an incredible desire to work in the company. This is a much more catchy factor.
Amazing cover letter examples:

  • If in fact a love of trade statistics is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. It seems that most people on the team in Yellow Duck have exactly the same opinion; therefore, in my opinion, this is a good reason why my candidacy would be ideal for your sales team.
  • Since the age of 10, I have consulted my relatives and friends for free in matters of style and appearance, but later on I came to the conclusion that it would be nice to get paid for it. That’s why I was happy to find a personal stylist job vacancy in N …
  • For about three years I tried different roles, taking part in creating startups in N., looking at an infinite number of articles and recommendations on how to find my vocation, and finally realized that it was time to recognize for myself and inform my parents that I actually have a job. I tend to think that in reality, I can best write quality content and sell it.
  • When I was a child, my cherished dream was to become one of those street actors who depict living statues on the street. Fortunately, over time, the scope of my ambitions has expanded, but I still love to entertain people and speak in front of the crowd – and these qualities make me a truly indispensable manager.
  • After graduating from N. University in May of last year, I received, it seems to me, bad advice from my business consultant: “Agree to any job, and understand the nuances later.” Although I am convinced that I could acquire valuable skills and professional experience anywhere, still I would like to be sure that thanks to my first job I will have the opportunity to further improve in my field as a specialist and move up in my career, as well as have experienced mentors.
  • Recently, I have passed a test, according to the results of which for me it would be ideal to work in the field of maritime trade. I’m not sure that I understand what this means, but this situation made me think: after all, it’s just a dream to get a position, thanks to which I could combine my professional business skills with my passion of the ocean! That’s how I found your job opening at N …

If you already love this brand, and you also want to work there, this is an ideal option for the company, because you are familiar with its products and are ready to sell them yourself! But it’s better not to overdo it with flattery. Check out strong cover letter examples:

  • Many candidates are trying to get into the projects of startups, because there you can count on free food, bean bags, and the lack of a dress code. As an employee accustomed to standard office conditions, this looks tempting; however, what attracted me most was the opportunity to work in a cohesive international team.
  • My golden retriever Rudy was the first to find this job as an operational assistant in your company (he actually dreams of seeing me off to work every day). But as I learned more and more about N., about your work and how revolutionary you are trying to change the standard SMS chat, I, in turn, could not help but dream of becoming a part of your team.
  • When I was seven, I wanted to be a GEICO gecko when I grew up. In the end, I came to the conclusion that this is not an option, but you can imagine my excitement when I discovered a corporate event manager vacancy on the site and saw my favorite company’s logo next to it!
  • If I had been able to simplify the process of finding an apartment for rent in N. for at least one person, I might have thought that the nightmare that I myself had encountered during my recent attempts to find accommodation was not in vain. Where else could I do this, if not in N., serving customers daily? Frankly, I don’t see that anything else would suit me so perfectly.
  • I literally grew up with N. Zoo, which was located in the backyard, and therefore I know firsthand how you managed to become one of the most popular places for family holidays in N … For 20 years, I have been delighted to follow your success as a visitor, and now I want to delight guests in the same way as you once pleased me when I was a child.
  • There was only an hour left before my first big dinner party, when I suddenly realized that I had forgotten to buy white wine. In a panic, I searched via Google for grocery delivery sites, and it was the first time I came across N … Since then, I have been your regular customer and I can’t get rid of the idea that I could help you attract even more customers — who are not as capable of planning as I am — through social networks and communities.

Although you may know how to write a cover letter, samples will still help you to write more interesting and effective letters. Study them closely and you will be able to write a quality cover letter and get the job of your dreams. Using our samples is one of the easiest ways to attract a recruiter’s attention.