Cover Letter Sample

Chris Laker                                                                                     May 30, 2013

1654 Connecticut Ave.
Washington DC 23339
Tel: +1-202-645-8999

David Baker
Personnel Manager
Sweets Inc.
433 Huge St.
Washington DC 23339

Dear Mr. Baker,

I am very interested in the position of Marketing Trainee for Sweets Inc. I am extremely fond of different confections and I have tasted all the sweets that your company produces. During my studies at Axolotl College, my interest in marketing and public relations has grown day-by-day. I have a wide range of marketing skills to match the position you describe:

  • The ability to learn quickly and manage workloads in a cooperative and demanding environment (I quickly got used to booking flights and organizing meetings for my manager’s busy days after only five minutes’ instruction during my part-time job at my university as an assistant at the admissions department);
  • Strong organizational and time management skills. I like to keep tasks in order, and during my studies at university, I have always completed tasks on time;
  • A deep knowledge and experience with Microsoft Office. During my university studies, I improved my knowledge of Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. I easily learn how to use new software and programs. In addition, I have an understanding of HTML and Visual Basic;
  • Advanced research skills. For the years I was engaged in my university studies, I have written a large number of essays and research papers. My research skills are keenly developed. I know how to use Internet resources in order to make research more effective;
  • Strong communication skills. Being an extrovert and a very sociable person, I have demonstrated excellent communication skills and an ability to create positive relationships in a short time – both at work and personally.

I am thrilled with the chance of working in the marketing department of Sweets Inc. I believe that my skills and ideas will make a great contribution to your company.

Thank you for taking time to consider my application for candidacy. I enclose my resume with a request for an interview.

Best regards,
Chris Laker