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The App that Knows Your Tastes Better than You Do

Five days ago I arrived in Tokyo after a long flight. Unfortunately, I didn’t explore good places to eat in the town. So, I put my bag in the hotel and went to Shibuya Street, where a vast variety of restaurants, shops and nightclubs are situated. I randomly selected one pretty good and expensive Japanese restaurant. After my meal, I left feeling I could have done better, if I would have made some planning preparations.

I thought about that Tokyo dinner after I read about Place Finder, a company that offers the prospect of finding good restaurants anywhere you are, according to your tastes. Place Finder proposes personalized searches of places based on personal information you fill in on the site. Nowadays, the service industry increases its profits through cutting deals with discount sites such as GrubHub, OpenTable, and Uber. However, you can be sure the Place Finder service won’t share personal information of its users, as the service is opt-in only.

Place Finder started business in 2008 and last year earned $10 million.
The main feature of the Place Finder platform is its ability to conform to all users. Through user’s likes and dislikes, Place Finder’s engine improves its personalized sensitivity. Place Finder CEO, Yuki Takimoki, said that with the help of this app, business owners from all over the world now can improve knowledge about preferences and user tastes. Moreover, Place Finder is able to recognize differences in preferences across national borders.

As you discover the Place Finder network, you can point it to what you like. In one minute, our app will collect your tastes and deliver your personal choices for locations in any city. Place Finder can even mix your preferences with that of your friends to find locations you can visit together. The company’s mission is to develop more individualized and actionable web searches, so people from all over the world can find what they really like. We believe that fast access to matched information about the places around us will lead to a digital liberation.

Place Finder offers convenient ways of service usage. You can make your personalized search via the website, mobile app pages, iPad pages, or all those together. Just tell Place Finder what you do and don’t like, and it will get you better results over time, advising with new hot spots.

Place Finder is a social app. The app shows the locations of your Facebook and Foursquare friends and gives you the opportunity to share the things you like with them. Our service collects your reviews, ratings and recommendations from friends to find new locations that meet your tastes. The Place Finder service looks like Pinterest in some ways, with interactive boards, pins and likes.

When you start using the Place Finder service, it’ll ask you to choose 10 restaurants or cafes that you like the most. Place Finder will use this information when you are searching for new places to visit. The option of food photo sharing is also a great function for fans of foodtography.

So, if you are a foodie, you should take advantage of our app to remember the places where you have eaten and find new ones. Being able to find a place to eat can be very useful, especially if you are in an unfamiliar city and have time limitations. Furthermore, just finding a location may not suggest to you a really good place. With our app, you will know how other people rated the food and expected prices of a particular restaurant. Place Finder will optimize your eating experience using the best and faster way!