Marketing Plan Example: Handmade Sweets Shop


Confection Collection is a small shop in the center of Nashville. It was established and opened in 2009 by James Richardson. His wife and two daughters make handmade sweets on their own. James’s son, along with his friends, is a seller at Confection Collection.

The following is the marketing plan for Confection Collection for the next year. It is aimed at increasing the number of regular and occasional clients through various marketing techniques and by bringing the business to the Internet.

Sweets Shop Marketing Plan

Handmade sweets in the US are unique products nowadays. They require an exclusive approach in their production and marketing in order to be distinctive and draw customers’ attention. The demand for handmade sweets is constantly growing, since people like unusual and new products, and pay special attention to the ones that are done with care and much effort.

Mission statement and company goals

Confection Collection sells handmade sweets made according to the unique recipes created by Emily Richardson, a world famous confectioner. Her daughters make sweets twice a day; every morning and every evening. Clients are always sure they get the freshest candies and pastry in the city.

Confection Collection is a shop offering handmade sweets and it has already become well-known in Nashville. Now it aims to become the top provider of sweets for various events like weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, etc. So, the following are the company’s goals.

Attract more customers and eventually double the revenue in 2013 (in comparison to the revenue in 2012).

Become the most well-known handmade sweets shop in the city, within one year, using outdoor advertising and other marketing approaches.

Create a website to enable ordering handmade sweets online and build the corresponding business processes.

Product and service description

The assortment of confectionery at Confection Collection includes candies, chocolates, nuts and baskets. Along with the highest quality sweets, the shop also provides flawless customer service for every client who steps into the shop. It attracts people who are too busy and appreciate being served nice and quickly at the same time.

Current situation

Confection Collection competes with other candy shops, such as Rocket Fizz, Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, Music City Candy and Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory. In order to interest the clients of other shops, a unique and distinctive marketing strategy is going to be implemented. Eventually, it will result in increased visitors and sales.

The clientele of Confection Collection can be split into three categories. Figure 1 represents customers of Confection Collection in 2013 by the revenue they made.

In comparison to 2012, the customer base is now shifting from one-time tourists to downtown workers and wholesale shoppers, who obviously were once tourists as well, but have now got used to buying sweets at Confection Collection.

A SWOT analysis


Confection Collection is known for its famous chief confectioner.
The shop is a reliable provider of confectionery for many city events.


Insufficient experience in efficient money management can lead to ineffective decisions.
Generous bonuses for employees don’t allow business to grow quickly.


Rapid growth of downtown offices and clients in the center of the city.
Using the Internet and mobile technologies will attract more young and busy people.


The confectionery industry is susceptible to recession.
Confection Collection leases its premises and may face the necessity of moving to another place, which is a difficult thing to do in the center of the city.
Marketing strategy and objectives

The marketing strategy will focus on building a reputation of being a recognized handmade sweets shop for Confection Collection. Emphasizing its popularity among city officials, as well as the fame of Emily Richardson, will help position it as the most well-known, and reputable, confectioner’s shop in the city.

Bringing the brand to the Internet will allow people to order the sweets delivered to their homes. That will result in loyal customer increase. So, the following are the marketing objectives.
Increase the reputation and brand awareness of the shop.

Meet the needs of young people and clients who use the Internet extensively.

Advertise the brand as the top supplier of handmade sweets for city officials.

Tactical programs and plans

The following ideas are planned for implementation within the next year.

1. A chalkboard will be installed near Confection Collection to tell potential and regular clients about new promotions, discounts and events.
2. A new website will be developed to allow ordering sweets online. To boost sales, $5000 should be spent on Internet advertising.
3. A flyer distributor will spread the word about the shop in various places all over the city.
4. To boost wholesales, every client, who visits the shop regularly, will get a business card along with a check. Business cards will advertise the services of preparing sweets for events.

Budget, performance analysis and implementation

The marketing plan for Confection Collection is aimed at serving as a guide for boosting sales and attracting new clients. To implement it requires that an initial budget has to be calculated. Approximate expenses and milestones, along with a total budget sum, are represented in Table 1.

To analyze the performance of the above-mentioned marketing activities, various new indicators can be measured, such as, the number of clients ordering sweets online, profit from online sales, growth of wholesales attributed to distributing leaflets and business cards, etc.

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