Growth Business Plan Sample: High-Tech Marketing

Business Description

High-Tech Marketing (H-T) is a consulting firm focused on solving a full range of comprehensive business marketing solutions. High-Tech Marketing offers more innovative consulting services than other competitors, as High-Tech staffs more experienced personnel that use a team approach to all projects.

High-Tech Consulting is a group of 10 marketing consultants, where each consultant is a specialist in a particular discipline. The company plans to provide marketing services to key business companies in Japan, China, and North Korea. This strategy will bring a significant growth in profits from providing project consulting services, marketing research projects, environmental strategic analysis and feasibility research. Two principal partners, each owning a 50% share of the company, manage High-Tech Marketing. Mr. Nolan B. has substantial experience in marketing planning and research, and Mr. Bob K. has experience in sphere of communications, advertising, and management.

Vision and Target Clientele

High-Tech’s vision is based on the fact that our company aims to do things smarter than other companies, with the constant support of experts. High-Tech’s target customers are small- and middle-sized companies on the first stages of existence. Nowadays, middle- and small-sized companies form a large majority of Asian markets. High-Tech Marketing aims to establish relationships with developing companies and continue to back up these connections for long-term perspective growth. Start-up businesses are the target consumers of our services, as High-Tech Marketing aims to stay on the pulse of innovative business companies within the Asian region. Start-up firms are attractive to us, as the owners of such businesses require extensive marketing research for their new products. Therefore, there is a huge demand for marketing consulting services for start-ups.

Mission and Goals

High-Tech Marketing proposes effective consulting solutions to firms, organizations, and individuals for various purposes. Our marketing services offer sales assistance for international companies in Asian markets, as well as marketing, management and business development, external environment analysis, comprehensive market research, and niche development on a global scale.

High-Tech Marketing believes it can ensure valuable solutions to its clients. Our company consultants have been working with many reputable corporations for 30 years and have expert knowledge of the Asian market. High-Tech’s main goal is to gain equal income in business industries.

Business Strategies

High-Tech aims to become a leader among regional firms, specialty consulting firms, and international consulting groups such as Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst & Young, and PWS.

To be competitive in the market, H-T Consulting completes several internal strategies. First, it supports a successful approach in establishing reputation and brand, consequently, creating value for its customers. Second, H-T Marketing maintains a concrete percentage of B2C and B2B customers in order to stay attractive in the market. Excellence in executing promises is also a key strategy of H-T Marketing, as our clients do not only buy services, they also buy benefits. Strategic relationships with respectable global players of informational technology businesses, governmental institutions and NGO’s is a necessity for H-T. Client satisfaction is decisive to the company’s development, its survival, and reputation. Additionally, our company is confident in its team members and has its integrated foundation in services development, marketing, management, finance.

Funding Requirements and Financial Planning

The financial situation in H-T Marketing is quite good. Our accounting department does not diagnose debt situations. Our consulting agency takes part of the income out as dividends. Moreover, H-T owners do not receive overly extravagant salaries.

Between May and October of the last year, H-T Marketing showed excellent operational ratings. Sales income was $2.3 million and the gross margin was above $1.3 million, which was higher than expected. Additionally, our team members have costs and cash flow under strict control.

H-T owners will each provide $100,000, in the event of unexpected expenses or crises situations. The main part of future financing will come from Middle Business Management Administration in the form of a $600,000 loan. This loan will cover the main expenses throughout the next operational year, which is expected to be the most critical based on the economic situation in the Asian markets. H-T’s breakeven analysis showed the company grew out of its breakeven point after 10 months of performance.


License and registration – $2,000
Сapital expenditures – $760,000
IT technology services support – $800 000
Promotions and advertisement campaigns – $200,000
Personnel – $700,000
Equipment – $114,000
Total Expenses = 2,076,000

Income Projections and Explanation

H-T Marketing gains its profit through delivering qualitative services. Our consulting firm expects to raise $500,000 in profit in the next operational year, and to borrow $600,000 in the form of a 5-year loan. In addition, we want to provide a higher growth margin during the next two years and expect operational improvements, as our sales revenue is growing and relationship channels are expanding. We do not expect to reduce our service sales and operational expenses. Additionally, we will acquire the 3% revenue return that was spent on development in the previous year. By 2014, we plan to spend almost 10% of profit on consulting services development, because it is the key to our future success.

Future Prospects

H-T Marketing Company intends to become the best consulting agency in the Asian region. Additionally, the firm aims to expand into a global consulting services supplier. Our company will develop internationally by hiring experts all over the world. In the next 5 years, the number of workers and quantity of customers will grow. The firm is expected to work with European, U.S., Arabic, African, and Russian markets in the next year. Future projected income from foreign markets expansion is expected to be $700,000, after the first operating year. Consequently, H-T Consulting expects to double its sales in 2014.