Flash Fiction Examples: Shine Like a Diamond

I stood on Amanda’s veranda ready for a whole night of study. I was greatly surprised when she opened the door wearing a red mini-dress.

“Karen! They’ll come in several minutes.”


“Daniel and Kevin. We are going to Jason Green’s birtday party.”

“What? No. I’m not ready. I didn’t know. I’d better go home.”

“Please, Karen, put on this dress. I’ll help you with the make up and hairdo.”
Amanda looked very nervous.

“What happened?” I asked.

“You know that I like Kevin.”

“Yeah, but why do you want me to go?”

“Daniel agreed to bring Kevin, if I brought you.”

“It makes no sense.”

“Karen, Daniel likes you.”

“I don’t think so.”

“I swear. Believe me.”

“Actually, I think that studying doesn’t make us friends. I don’t like going to different parties.”

Amanda looked shocked. “But you are my closest friend.”

“Me? Really? But there are always so many people around you.”

“But it doesn’t mean that they are my friends. Please, come with me.”

Ring, ring, ring! Amanda opened the door. Daniel stood on the veranda. “Hi, girls! Karen, you look fantastic!”

“Thanks, its Amanda’s work.”

Daniel looked surprised. “I think you always look great.”

When we arrived at the party, everyone came up to Amanda as usual. But then they asked “and who is your friend?”

After several minutes Amanda looked fed up and I thought she was jealous of the attention I got. We walked up the stairs and she said “I want to make an announcement.”

I felt really nervous. Everyone gathered around.

“I don’t want to answer the same question one hundred times. This is my friend, Karen, from math class. You should know her. Today she looks great, and it is strange for me that you haven’t noticed her wonderful qualities until now.”

For a minute everyone remained silent but, then, the party continued.

So many people talked with me that night and, what surprised me most of all, they looked truly interested. But Daniel’s words meant the most.

“Karen, I’ve always noticed you. You are a special girl. I didn’t need Amanda to tell me that.”