Thank You Letter Sample

Mr.Stanley Madlen                                                                15 February 2013

Doctor of intensive care
Galley Hospital
Giggling Ave. 12
Boston, MA, 01211

Dear Dr. Madlen:
Last year, when Elizabeth disease was found, we were confused and disappointed. The doctors said that the disease was treated heavily and chances for recovery were very low.

She was in Filigan Springs Hospital intensive care unit and Sunnycare rehab for a total 6 month. For the first two weeks she was in coma. Doctors have prescribed supporting therapy and were looking for methods of improving the health status. But during this 6 months there were no significant changes in Lizzy’s recovery.

During this time we appointed to different clinics along the US, even had a consultation with alternative medicine doctor. But no one could suggest a concrete treatment for the disease and perspectives of recovery quickly melted away. We lost hope in seeking the way our Lizzy can recover.

Hoping to find the solution to our problem, we started to seek it in the Internet. After countless conversations with different people we’ve found out that we can make a site about the Lizzy’s disease and ask for any help. And eventually, you have come to the rescue.

We want to thank you for that you saw an opportunity to cure the disease no one could treat. All family members wanted to pitch in and help while she was in your clinic. We were able to change the situation, because of the time that you have spent organizing our efforts. You made us sure that several of us were each assigned a task that Lizzy needed to have done each day.

During rehabilitation was another critical period, but your valuable advices and instructions helped Lizzy and our family to overcome everything. It was such a joy to see that Lizzie is getting better day by day, see her bright eyes and hear children talks. That gave us the strength to finish her treatments.

You are to be commended for your commitment to jump in and help us to get organized. I admire your thoughtfulness, energy, and your ability to keep everyone on track.

Everyone in our family and Lizzy joins me in expressing our gratitude and appreciation for what you did. Your example of professional skills, caring and leadership has been an inspiration to all of us.

We donate $20 000 for the development of your Hospital. We know that it’s the least we can do to show our gratitude for your big help.

With sincere thanks,
Johnson family and Lizzy