Application Letter for Scholarship Sample

Lilian Reddred
P.O. BOX 43555-3434
Arizona, Phoenix, 99504


University of Oxford
P.O. BOX 347447-1234
UK 383899

Dear Scholarship Committee,

My name is Lilian Reddred. I am writing this letter to apply for a scholarship at the University of Oxford in order to further my studies and pursue a master’s degree in biology. My specialization is archaeobiology. Having completed my degree course in biology from the University of California, I feel that pursuing archaeobiology would be of great aid in my completion of a pending project that I have.

This project is aimed at researching how blood has been viewed by native cultures, especially those in the indo-asian region. I want to investigate their perception of its sacral meaning in particular. I believe the study can bring about a intriguing discourse on the philosophy and psychology of blood in the human psyche.

I come from a humble background with a low income; hence, my family cannot fully support my education expenses. The B.A. that I have been awarded was as a result of another scholarship that I received by a well wisher.

I have a solid performance record, having been awarded a BA with first class honors. I am honest, trustworthy, have a positive attitude and am a critical thinker.

Traveling has long since been one of my passions as well. I have visited and stayed in almost every country in Africa, as my father was once a diplomat for African interests in Italy. I believe this experience has widened my perspective on what it means to be human, which is directly connected to my study in archaeobiology.

My plan of action during and after my studies is to form a research study comprised of many talented individuals interested in my specialty. Through the use of their knowledge and efforts, together we can create a comprehensive study of blood as it relates the psychological and philosophical aspects of its sacral meaning.

I am looking forward to your response in regard to this scholarship.

Lilian Reddred

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