University Letter of Intent Sample

325 West 12th Street                                                                  19th May, 2013
New York, NY 10002

Professor Smith McCarthy
Office of Admissions
Alaska Pacific University
Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02138

Dear Thomas Parker,

I would like to acquire my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from  Alaska Pacific University due to the exemplary work done in the field of psychology and cognitive development studies done by the staff and students who have attended this great school. A few of my personal mentors from this school are Professor Daniel Schacter who has been elected to membership in the National Academy of Sciences and  Professor Susan Carey, who have been awarded the Developmental Psychology Mentoring Award.

I finished my standard education at St.Judes High School and got 2200 on my “Just SAT’s”. I have always had a passion for philosophy and the general need to understand the differences embedded in personalities between people who otherwise have a more or less similar genetic makeup.

In high school, I was involved in a volunteers program “DICK” that majorly dealt with young children living in orphanages. The highlight of the program was a visit to Bolivia where I encountered children under the age of five who had lived under deplorable conditions and had witnessed their parents die of starvation due to poverty before help got to them. It baffled me to witness first-hand how those children dealt with grief in a manner different to what  I had witnessed among grieving adults. This fueled my passion to understand human being’s cognitive existence my desire to study social and cognitive neuroscience under the larger Psychology Department.

I believe I shall be vital to the university’s program as I not only have the qualifications for the course but a passion for the field too. My passion, fueled by my experience, makes me not only eager to learn what legendary minds have already developed, but  shall also drive me to do my own research and join the greatest of the great in developing the best cognitive treatment and therapy for all people affected.

I would like you to consider me for the admission in the fall of 2013 for the first semester.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Molly Baker