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Dear William Chambers:

We are contacting you because you have a small restaurant and we assume you would like to make more money than you presently do. In today’s complex economic situation, it is especially challenging to achieve business goals. However, with ENERGY QUEEN Cost-effective Solutions for Small Businesses, you can retain your profits through energy efficiency strategies with up to a 25 percent savings. Additionally, you are able to enjoy benefits such as increased clients, better customer comfort, increased employee productivity, and improved environmental conditions, like better lighting and cooling.

How can you reduce energy waste from your business, and why do you need to?

Whatever your small business is, you typically need heating, lighting, power for equipment, air conditioning, and other energy-using services to stay in business. With free, competent information and technical support from ENERGY QUEEN, you can reduce your small business expenses by reducing energy waste and energy costs, while at the same time protecting the environment.

ENERGY OUEEN can help you to save energy.

Our company offers tools and options to help you save energy. You can use our Energy Manager (EM) and water keeping tools to evaluate and determine your ongoing energy usage and then receive suggestions on how to save energy or how to use Energy Queen expertize help. (By the way, do not forget to monitor your progress in EM, so you can see your achievements.)
With our help you can:

  • Consider technical resources for your business to help you improve efficiency.
  • Get 24/7 support through our Technical Question Service Support.
  • View our existing buildings page for comprehensive instruction on setting up an energy management program, benchmarking energy performance in Energy Queen EM, and receiving EPA recognition.

Get help with saving energy in your restaurant.
Restaurants use from seven to nine times more energy than other businesses. Quick-service restaurants use as much as 10 times more energy than ordinary cafes. As energy costs increase every year, investing in energy reduction is the best way to protect your restaurant from rising costs.

Start to save on energy right now!

Use these tips and start improving the efficiency of your restaurant today:

Quick fractional problem fixing

  • If your restaurant area is equipped by dimmable incandescent light lamps, change them to dimmable compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  • If you are installing heating and cooling thermostats manually, improve efficiency by setting a programmable thermostat.
  • If your freezers and refrigerators are only partially filled, keep the new ones filled and the older ones emptied and disconnected.
  • If you presently do not clean your freezers and refrigerators on a regular basis, clean them every 2 month.
  • If you have broken refrigerator or freezer gaskets or hinges, replace or repair them.
  • If you use any equipment that is not needed, turn it off.


  • If you utilize standard fluorescent lighting and magnetic ballasts in your kitchen, change them to T-8 fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts.
  • If use notice that your visitors’ rooms have too much light, we can help you to install an appropriate daylight control system.
  • If your exit signs or parking area are illumined with incandescent or mercury vapor lighting, our experts can help you to change them with high-pressure sodium or metal halide lighting. (Add photocells and a timer for additional savings.)
  • If you turn off and on lights in storage areas, refrigerators and freezers manually, you can utilize switchers with occupancy sensors.

Kitchen improvements

  • If your cook fried food with an ordinary gas fryer, our pros will help you to replace it with a high-efficiency atmospheric gas fryer.
  • If you use a 7 to 25- year-old dishwasher, replace it with an insulated or an infrared gas dishwasher.
  • If you use a walk-in refrigerator, Energy Queen Services recommends that you set evaporator fan controls to reduce fan use.
  • If you leave your walk-in refrigerator door open while loading it, install a plastic strip curtain over the entrance.

Large investments:

  • Buy a high-efficiency oil or gas boiler or furnace instead of utilizing an outdated one.
  • Utilize a heat pump for your restaurant instead of electric resistance baseboard heaters.
  • Install an efficient conditioning system.
  • Replace old bulbs with halogen ones.
  • Buy special hoods optimized for your cooking needs.
  • Change your cooling and heating system with a geothermal heat pump and add energy recovery in the replacement system.
  • Redesign your kitchen with an evaporative cooling system.
  • Set an energy management system to automatically control your lighting, heating, and cooling.
  • Buy Energy Queen certified computers instead of using an outdated one.

Contact Information

Contact us now and get a free consultation on how to optimize your business from one of our best specialists! Do not hesitate to visit our Manhattan based office in East Houston Street, New York, USA, to discuss other business concerns.

Best regards,
Martin Smith