A Start-up Business Plan Sample for a Coffee Shop

I. Executive Summary

Guatemala Paradise is a start-up business, scheduled to provide products and services as a sole trade business. The main idea of business is to create a coffee bar with selling coffee and concomitant products. Guatemala Paradise is determined to become a comfortable place with a friendly environment. Due to the cozy atmosphere, the clients will feel free to relax after a working day and enjoy the coffee.

II. Background Information

A. Mission

Provide clients the finest quality products and service in the most efficient time and provide for them a unique opportunity to relax in a comfortable environment.

B. Objectives

Guatemala Paradise’s objectives for the first year of operations are to:

  • Become the winner in the “Best New Coffee Shop in the City” contest in the local magazine.
  • Develop a gross margin of 50% or more.
  • Earn profits from the first quarter of operations.

C. List of Products/Services

  • Coffee and tea drinks
  • Desserts and bakery
  • Kids’ Menu
  • Coffee and tea sales
  • Concomitant product sales
  • Table reservation service
  • Take-out service
  • Kids’ Corner
  • Wi-Fi Internet access
  • Room reservations

D. Hours and days of operation

Guatemala Paradise will be opened to clients every day, including holidays and weekends, from 8 A.M. to 10 P.M.

III. Marketing

A. Target market situation

The consumption of coffee in the U.S. has shown a stable growth, especially for gourmet coffee. Coffee drinkers favor well-brewed coffee drinks and demand a high-level service. Guatemala Paradise will strive to create a loyal client base by offering a great variety of gourmet coffee in a comfortable environment.

B. Target clients

Guatemala Paradise will focus on people working in near-by offices, as well as students, and families with children.

C. Competitors

Guatemala Paradise’s direct competitors are the coffee shops and bars located at the city’s center. They are presented by Coffee Life, Aroma Espresso, Cafe Italiano, and other food services that offer coffee in that same area. The main distinctive features of Guatemala Paradise will be the Kids’ Corner and the Kids’ Menu. Other competitors do not provide such services. Guatemala Paradise will promote itself as a unique coffee shop that not only offers tasty coffee and pastries but also provides a comfortable environment and family service.

D. Marketing strategy

Guatemala Paradise will cater to people who want to enjoy a delicious coffee drink in a comfortable atmosphere. Such clients vary in age, although our location close to the city center means that most of our clientele will be office workers and students on the weekdays, with families during the holidays and weekends. Additionally, many students and office workers consider coffee shops to be a convenient location for studying or meeting.

VIII. Financial Summary

A. Expenses

The start-up expenses include:

Licenses and permits, $1,000
Marketing promotional expenses of $2,500, including the brochure printing (2,000 brochures at $0.05 per copy)
Expert service consultation of $2,000 (paid to Coffee Services for statistical information)
Insurance coverage at a total premium of $2,000.
Rent for one month of $3,330.

The required start-up costs of $124,363 include:

Operating capital in the total amount of $67,123, which includes employees’ and owner’s salaries of $23,900 for the first two months and a cash reserve for the first three months of operation (approximately $14,400 per month)

Start-up inventory of $56,240, which includes:

Coffee beans (12 regular coffee species and five decaffeinated species) – $5,000
Coffee filters, bakery, tea, concomitant items – $8,000
Retail supplies (coffee bags, napkins, cleaning, etc.) – $2,250
Office supplies – $210
Equipment for the total amount of $40,180
Miscellaneous expenses – $600

B. Financial projections

Annual projection of cash flow $550,000 in FY2012 translates into $300.00 of sales per square foot, which is in line with the industry average for this size of coffee shop. Overall, as the company becomes established in the local market, its net profitability is projected to increase from 18.06% in FY2012 to 19.63% in FY2013.

The company’s sales are expected to increase from approximately $212,000 by the end of FY2012 to approximately $315,000 in FY2013.

– Projected Balance Sheet, 3 years
– Resumes
– Product Information
– Letters of Interest