The Nutcracker by P.I. Tchaikovsky

The Nutcracker is a dance presentation that was written by P.I. Tchaikovsky. The play is muted but this makes it more interesting in that the audience is forced to pay so much attention so as to enjoy it. The piece mainly focuses on some good arts and dances. The choreographer wanted to make use of the dances to send out a certain message and also to make sure that the dance moves would help to entertain the audience without uttering any message. In the piece the girl is given a doll to play with. The writer then gives the doll some super natural power whereby the doll comes to life. The writer uses a vocabulary that goes hand in hand with the main theme of the play which is ‘love is fantastic’ (Conlon 2007,pg 65).

The chosen dancers were up to the task that they were given as they were able to help the writer to send the targeted message to the audience. The dance involves impersonating of the feeling that the dancers were meant to have in the dance and they were able to bring to bring this out very well. To be able to achieve all this, the dancers were well rehearsed as they did not make any mistake while presenting the play. They also tried to cover the mistakes that they made very well in a manner that only a very keen person would realize this (Kidd 1985,pg87).

The music that was played in the background was very suitable to the dance as it was able to set the love mood in the dance. The inclusion of the musical instruments like the; tuba
Timpani, Percussion, harps, Celeste and the Strings made the piece more lively and the audience was also entertained by the choice of the music.

The idea of the piece was as appropriate as it was able to bring together the right people in the dance. The writer incorporated the right musical instruments in the play too and this was a great idea as the audience is thrilled by music so much and this motivates them to pay more attention in the whole piece. The choice of the dancers was also a good thing that made the dance to be livelier as the dancers were able to help the writer to bring out the ideas that he had when creating the whole piece. (Vagin  2002,pg 85). However the writer made a mistake in the involvement of the large number of dancers. This made the stage crowded and in a way the dancers lacked enough space to show cases their talents. This also made the dances to look like they were a supplement of the music instead of otherwise.

In conclusion, the whole piece of art was good. The overall ratings for the play would be seven out of ten stars. This is because the choreographer made some minor mistakes which would have been avoided if the dancers rehearsed well and took time to correct themv(Walden 2007pg 54).

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