Michael Jackson’s Performance At Motown

Why Michael Jackson’s Performance At Motown 25 In March 4, 1983 Is Worthy Of Emmy’s Nomination?

Michael Jackson’s electric performance at Motown 25 in 1983 is one of the greatest performances of all time and has permanently remained in the memory of people who attended the live concert at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium as well as those who viewed it on their television. It was an event that was viewed by over 50 million people and Michael Jackson’s performance that day attracted positive views from people all over the world. The show is remembered by most people because of the extraordinary performance that Michael Jackson staged. It was indeed a performance that was worthy of an Emmy’s nomination because it was the highlight of the event.

The show indeed started off badly to the surprise of the audience because of the high expectations they had prior to the show.Everyone seemed disappointed when the show got off because there was no catchy performance by artists who started off the show. For example, Lester Wilson Dancers did not perform well and the host of the show showed some sort of discomfort after their performance.However, Michael Jackson’s performance during the show wowed everyone and the audience was lively during and after his performance. People were awestruck and could hardly believe their eyes. His presence and performance on stage changed the fortune of the show that could have ended as one of the worst shows in history (Smith, 2009).

Approximately halfway through the show, it was now Jackson 5’s turn to perform on stage for the audience, and Micahael Jackson was present with his other Jackson brothers. It was their opportunity to perform their songs in front of an audience that never  witnessed anything unique ever since the show began.This was the perfect timing for Michael Jackson and his brothers to make their mark in the music industry. The Jackson 5 sang four of their older songs before they left the stage to give Michael Jackson to stage his solo performance.

There was a short pause and thereafter, one of the aides ran towards Michael Jackson and handed him a derby hat.He then walked downstage and struck a pose as the drums snapped intro to his hit song “Billie Jean”. The whole place exploded because this was the moment the audience had been  waiting for. There was sound of repeated and uniform shrieks heard from all over Pasadena Civic Auditorium, and it seemed like the audience was scared at once. This was the performance that everyone in the audience had yearned for all along, and Michael Jackson did not disappoint (Ivory,2011).

What happened next changed the course of Michael Jackson’s career and his popular music that people all over the world love. His energetic and electric performance on stage left the audience amazed. This was the first time he ever performed his “Moonwalk dance” in front of a parked audience, and this came to be his trademark dance style in his lifetime. His performance, especially “Moonwalk dance” created huge sensation that nobody had ever seen since the Beatles shot into fame. “Billie jean” was the only the non-Motown song that was performed during the show and it made the audience lively.Moreover, it was the only non-lip-synced performance that was witnessed during the show and everyone enjoyed his performance. The organizers of the show had to stop taping the show to give electrified audience time to regain its composure (Staff, 2011).

It is evident that Michael Jackson’s performance at the “Motown 25” show deserved an Emmy’s nomination because the audience enjoyed his electric performance. It was until Michael Jackson came to stage that the audience became livelier and continued to enjoy his performance till the end. His “Moonwalk dance” left the audience electrified because they never witnessed such a great performance ever since the show started. He never disappointed during his performance and this was shown by the positive response of the audience.

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