Interview Example With Megan Gale

Megan Kate Gale is a famous Australian model, talented actress, and fashion designer. She is a very successful 30-something woman who believes in herself and gets everything she desires. Megan had a typically “normal” upbringing, living with her dad, mom and two brothers in Perth, Western Australia. As a child, she could not even imagine becoming a star and an icon for millions of people.

Reader’s Digest had the opportunity to sit down with the celebrity in Sydney.

Reader’s Digest: You are a very busy person. What is your secret for such a great look?

Megan Gale: I keep myself looking good by doing regular exercise, not smoking, getting an appropriate amount of sleep, and keeping alcohol consumption to a minimum.

RD: Could you tell us more about your exercise regime?

MG: I try to combine several activities such as running, swimming, yoga, and power walking. They work different areas of the body and, above all, are activities that I enjoy a lot. For me, it’s really important to complete activities that make me feel good when I’m doing them. If I enjoy what I’m doing, then it is not such a chore, and the time passes quickly.

RD: So, can you give our readers a good health tip?

MG: The best health tip I can offer is to keep the levels of stress low. When I become emotionally tired, my body reacts by getting sick.

RD: Megan, please tell us about your hobbies.

MG: Frankly speaking, my work is my hobby, but let me think for a moment. You may be surprised that I am an avid cook. I like inventing recipes and experimenting with different products.

RD: What is your biggest culinary achievement?

MG: I probably achieved it last Christmas. I roasted a giant turkey, and the meat was very tender. It was falling off the bone. The turkey was really delicious!

RD: What is your “never fail” cooking advice?

MG: To use macadamia oil while cooking. It is the best oil to use at high temperatures. You know that some oils lose the beneficial properties and can even become toxic. Macadamia oil is mild, and it will not affect the food’s taste very much.

RD: Our readers are wondering if you have any phobias.

MG: I know that people have fears. Some have panic attacks when they see snakes, dogs, or stay alone in darkness. Some are afraid they will catch a specific illness. My secret phobia is spiders. I’m also really afraid of huntsmen!

RD: We hope that phobias won’t affect your life much. Can you tell us what makes you happy?

MG: I think life itself, family, and friends. The pleasant aspects of nature inspire me, and I think that laughter is the best medicine in all situations!

RD: Your favorite accessory?

MG: I am fond of nice clothes, and it seems to me that a pair of wonderful shoes can make my self-image ideal. I also like wearing watches, so if my friends are hesitating on what to buy me as a present for my birthday, I always tell them that I will be extremely happy to have a new watch.

RD: We know that you are not married yet. The question of relationships is always interesting for readers.

MG: I can tell you that love is always an adventure for me!

RD: What is your motto?

MG: “All things are possible if you believe in yourself.”

RD: Your biggest tip for being successful?

MG: Find a balance between personal life and work, and do not do anything just for the sake of money.