Short Story Example

It has been a long day. One of those days when you have no energy to do anything; you just lie on your bed and think about nothing. Furthermore, all the strange nightly nightmares exhausted him.

John turned the key at the front door, his brain starting to realize the familiar atmosphere of home.

“It is good to be home, buddy,” John said to himself.

He opened the door but there was no running, though. No barking either. Nothing signified that John’s dog Lenny was there. He closed the door and listened for the sounds.


There was a voice he noticed. However, he hadn’t noticed Miranda’s car when he was parking his own. John supposed he could have missed it.

“Yeah, it’s me,” he answered, going through the small corridor in the house they shared. “How are you doing, darling?”

“Great.” Miranda’s voice was very strange and the missing dog still worried him. “Where is Lenny?”

“Downstairs, with me.” Miranda said. “Lenny decided to stay with me while I do the laundry.”

John suddenly stopped before the door that led to the basement. Lenny never went down there. Moreover, Miranda never really went down there either, at least since they moved their washing machine upstairs.

“Miranda, are you all right?”

“Yep.” Her answer was very quick and unusual.

“Are you sure?” probed John.

“Yes, John! Do not be stupid!”

John put his hand back on the doorknob.

“Can you help me?” her voice sounding creepy again. “I have many clothes to carry and I can’t open the door.”

The voice of his wife was full of scorn, but he couldn’t believe his ears. “Do not be afraid, Johnny. It is just your wife.” Didn’t she notice her own tone?

“John?” The irritation from asking a few times was evident in her voice.

All the strange pictures from his recent nightmares appeared in his head at once. He felt trembling in his body. John tried to calm himself down and decided to enter the room. He turned the knob and opened the door to the basement. John hadn’t gotten enough time to investigate what exactly was waiting for him, but it wasn’t Miranda. It was definitely not Miranda.