Describe what You Think Is Wrong with the World

whats wrong with the world essay

Photo by stevepb from Pixabay

Our creator created a perfect world without any disorder. He looked at all what he had created and was pleased, for it was pleasant and perfectly made. But the world today is not as it was at the time of creation. Many things have gone wrong mostly due to neglect.

Disintegration of the family unit is the biggest cause of problems in the world today as we know it. Our creator had envisaged a world where a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife, and they become one flesh.

In our current world one of the major social problems is that the family unit has disintegrated. The number of divorce cases witnessed all over the world is quite traumatising. The percentages of marriages that end up in divorce from countries around the world are quite alarming, with Sweden having the highest percentage of 54.9%, followed by the United States with 54.8%.

Below is a table showing the percentage of divorce cases witnessed in selected countries all over the world in 2022 (per 1000 people per year).

Rank Country      Percent
Belgium                     3.7
Ukraine                     2.88
Cuba                          2.9
Hungary                   2.4
Portugal                    2.5
Sweden                     2.5
Jordan                      2.6
Gibraltar                  3.2
United States          3.2
San Marino             2.5

There are devastating results due to broken marriages. The most terrible is the neglect of the parental role, which is to provide love and care to children. An entire vulnerable generation is left to look after itself. Children that are left alone turn into dangerous delinquents. They resort to:

  1. Drugs.
  2. Promiscuity.
  3. Violence.
  4. Early marriages.

Speaking about whats wrong with the world there is a need to say that in the absence of parents, children use all kinds of drugs. Drugs are listed as the second largest cause of death worldwide. Smoking alone results in 10 percent of deaths around the globe, according to the World Health Organization. This adds up to roughly five million people annually. Drug trafficking and smuggling lead to loss of trillions of dollars from national economies.

Drug wars resulting from competition among eminent drug lords lead to many deaths, as witnessed in Mexico in the years 2006-2012, where 50,000 people had died due to drug wars. Even as we speak, approximately 20 youths are introduced to drugs every 40 seconds. If left unattended, drugs and drug wars will wipe a significant percentage of the world’s population by 2040. This consists of young people who never had proper parental care during their childhood, as if they had they would have turned into better, more useful people.

The main cause of the Second World War was the rise of Germany’s power. To realize what is wrong with the world today you can remember that propaganda was formulated declaring that Germany was the best country in the world. Propaganda was formulated declaring that Germany was the best country in the world. This campaign was championed by a mad man named Adolf Hitler. Over 19 million people died, and 20 million were war casualties. World War II claimed 60 million lives, which was over 2.5% of the world population.

Had Hitler received proper parental upbringing during his childhood days, none of these 90 million fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters would have died. Economic recession during the World Wars also decimated a substantial part of the world population. It is a shame that in Africa today there are an estimated 200,000 child soldiers, a testimony of the failure of the family unit.

What is wrong with the world? Poverty is mainly caused by lack of education. This leads high numbers of illiterate people. It can be shown that most Third World countries have very high numbers of uneducated youths. There are schools in these countries, but parents do not emphasize the importance of education to their children.

Promiscuous behaviors among our youth predispose them to highly infectious diseases like STDs, STIs, and HIV/AIDS. A recent survey carried out by the World Health Organization indicates that 70% of HIV patients are mainly youths aged between 18-35 years. The survey also indicated that countries with great number of youths taking care of themselves have the highest numbers of HIV patients. If parents had stood for their children in these countries none of these youths would have contracted this fatal disease.

If the family unit is left to disintegrate, the world will always be a mess. Stringent measures should be promptly taken. Incentives should be given to model families; all over the world there should be an awareness created by a “best family” awards system. Leaders should be at the frontline of the campaign and be exemplary role models of successful family units.