Essay about Marketing: TikTok and Its Popularity in Marketing Engagement

Today, many young people are obsessed with TikTok, creating new content with challenges and artistic videos. Moreover, TikTok is an opportunity for serious businesses to find their target audience. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to this new social media platform and use your product’s cross-platform shares via Instagram stories and tweets on Twitter.

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TikTok and Its Popularity in Marketing Engagement

TikTok is a social media sensation that has taken off in recent months, spurring growth in online users and online engagement. There are countless amounts of teenagers involved in the app, creating new videos, trends, and ideas that spur the development of new social media movements. After the heavy hitters of Instagram and Twitter, some may wonder how and why Tik Tok rose to prominence and how it has stayed on top. An analysis of the Tik Tok marketing strategy has revealed that the distinctive methods they use to reach the general population has spurred the growth of the app, engaged phone users to join the app, and increased the interaction among various users within the app itself.

Tik Tok has accurately and consistently marketed its product in the same way from the inception of the app, establishing a clear position in order to maintain a consistent message and attract the intended audience. The target users of Tik Tok from the beginning were young people who like music and short videos (Tang 1557). Since its creation, the Tik Tok marketing strategy has been to direct advertising toward the younger generation, for those who focus on shorter media and relevant music in today’s society. Since the brand maintains clear positioning within their marketing directive, they are able to accurately implement their strategy (Tang 1559). The clear positioning in their marketing style has helped them to find their own target market and clearly set aside their own audience. The consistent messaging, clear positioning, and knowledge of the target audience have led Tik Tok to obtain the desired target demographic and growth of the app.

In addition, the Tik Tok marketing team has taken on strategies to ensure that the app can engage phone users to download and begin participating in their product. Tik Tok uses high-quality and multi-theme content, which attracts numerous users. In addition, the company utilizes self-media advertising to attract individuals or brands to market through the app (Liquian 8). This would spur individuals and companies to join the app in order to promote their own service or business. In addition, the product positioning that Tik Tok uses is determined based upon the specific market demand (Liqian 8). The Tik Tok marketing strategy utilizes in-app marketing to bring in new users for mutually beneficial gain.

Lastly, Tik Tok has mastered how to integrate channels and engage the audience. There are reports of extensive participation and interaction of the public within the social platform, and it continues to develop (Tang 1559). The easy-to-watch short videos and the easy-to-use engagement influences users to interact within the app. Tik Tok marketing strategies continue to push interaction and engagement with the videos and other Tik Tok users.

Overall, Tik Tok is a social media phenomenon that has since taken over the online world in recent months. By utilizing consistent marketing to spur the growth of the app, using multi-theme content to influence users to join the app, and integrating channels to promote interaction and engagement, Tik Tok has branded and marketed themselves in a business-oriented and highly successful way.

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