Every Child Is a Champion Essay Sample

Who do you call a champion? A champion can be a mature person who succeeded in a certain sport, or the winner in a competition. But can an inexperienced, “green” kid be defined as a champion? Sure, it can be. A kid’s life is a true competition where every discovery and challenge equals championship.

To start with, the basis of human character forms in the early childhood days. If we observe adult character, we will see “the direct projection of that which he has experienced in childhood” (Adler 12). The current behavior of a person shows “the identical character traits and psychic movements in his third and fourth year of life” (12).

Then, it becomes clear that every kid’s interaction with the world will have its repercussions in the future. That is why each obstacle overcome is automatically transformed into victory. For example, a child can understand how to solve a puzzle. At this moment, the child thinks about himself or herself as a champion. And this very emotion will influence the child’s further level of confidence and empowerment.

Every champion needs a proper master. A future winner should be ruled by someone in the correct direction. The champion’s teacher or parent has to give a push and make the child believe in their own strength. It is a matter of the relationship between teacher and student. A student should feel they can achieve what they desire. The student should put the saying “I am powerful, and I am strong” (Pierson) straight into mind.

Every child is a true champion, and life is full of victories. The child possesses a special power which can be turned into something even bigger. And this power has to be supported by another strong person.

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