Persuasive Essay About Smoking E-Cigs to Know the Real Impact

Smoking is hard to consider as a healthy habit, so people invented and legalized e-cigarettes in 2007. This tool remains as an alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. It is a trend among youth because e-cigarettes appeared to have a less negative impact on a person’s health. Naturally, no single device containing nicotine can be totally harmless.

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What Do You Think of E-Cigs? (Are They Safer Than Tobacco Cigarettes?)

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes or e-vaporizers, are battery-powered devices that contain nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals. It is a device with the usage to inhale an aerosol (Fattal 2018). It resembles traditional cigarettes such as tobacco, pipes, or cigars. As of now, there are different e-cigarette brands in the market. It is popular mostly for teens.

Nowadays, younger teenagers are starting to use e-cigarettes. This shows that they encourage cigarette smoking in teens (Willett 2018). Teens are experimenting according to what they see in their environment and in the news. And consumers, especially teens, are being lured by different flavors.

E-cigarettes are said to be more harmful than using tobacco as an auxiliary. But nicotine in any form is an addictive drug. It will put your brain and lungs at risk. Nicotine also may risk high blood pressure, stroke, and mood. A person’s health will negatively be impacted by it.

There are also incidents where the vaporizers suddenly explode, which causes injuries to users. The lithium-ion battery within the device can overheat when charging, resulting in the electronic cigarette blowing up in people’s faces or pockets. It may also lead to burns and related injuries.

An electronic cigarette is a device used to replace traditional cigarettes and is more popular among young people as of now. It has many flavors but contains nicotine. Moreover, Nicotine in any form is a drug that has more risk, especially for the pulmonary system. It is not good for the body and becomes toxic to it. And the battery on an e-cigarette has had many incidents of causing harm to the user.

E-cigarettes are not helpful as a tool to help people quit smoking. Instead, it often results in more nicotine use, exposes users to long-term health risks, and in some cases, physical harm.

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