Advertising Encourages Us to Buy Things We Don’t Need

Advertising is a method marketers use to manipulate and persuade people to buy their products. There is a type of communication that marketers use to make people get interested in their products. This communication is used in media, newspapers, radio stations, websites, blogs, and radio shows. Advertising can also be done on the packaging of most purchased products.

Milk cartons are used to advertise other products like cereals, biscuits, and dance classes for children. The advertiser knows that most households buy milk, and they will be encouraged to purchase the other products to complement the milk. Other companies advertise on coffee cups. When customers buy the coffee and see the attractive advertisement, they are encouraged to go and purchase the advertised product.

Advertisements are classified according to different types. Infomercial advertisements are the long advertisements in media. They advertise using an attractive film offering good prices and special deals. This type of advertisement is very attractive to adults and children. Such adverts can cause people to purchase something not needed. The advertisements have attractive prices and offers presented together. This type of advertisement motivates the customer to get the product because the added offer or reduced price is attractive compared to what he or she is used to purchasing.

Advertising of products encourages us to buy things we do not need. Some of the advertisements shown in the media make the products appear more attractive than they really are. The adverts are designed to introduce a program, and some continue appearing in one corner of the screen. The advert makes the product seem appealing and good. Such adverts make people want to purchase the product and lead them to buy it even though it was unnecessary.

Online advertisements are pop ups that are seen when browsing the internet. The pop up is an attractive picture or a kind of game. When you click on the image or game, it links you to the main page. The page may contain attractive offers like winning iphones, tablets, or other prizes. The prizes come with a subscription fee charged on your mobile phone, so people end up subscribing for the product, and yet they did not need it.

In-store advertisements are the type of advertisement where products are advertised in visible locations with low prices and special offers. The products are placed near the windows and in the walk in areas where the products are easily seen. These products seem so appealing and attractive that people purchase them even though they do not need or want them.

Celebrity branding is a type of advertisement where the company uses a celebrity to advertise their product. The celebrity either is shown in a film, or is seen wearing or using a product in public. These advertisements mostly include advertising cars, alcohol, clothing, and cosmetics. These advertisements mostly attract the youth who purchase that product even though it was unnecessary.

In conclusion, advertisements are a method used by marketers to encourage people to purchase their products. It is easier for the companies to sell their products through advertisements, as it becomes hard to resist the advert. However, when looking at advertisements, you have the choice to decide whether you need it or not. Just look past the packaging and ask the question, “Do I need it?”