Why Do People Travel?

People travel for a number of reasons. Some travel to immerse themselves in the world’s diverse cultures, some to be adventurous, and some to simply unwind. However, there are others who find themselves in a soul searching journey that cannot be found by just staying put. Therefore, they travel to rediscover.

There is a certain kind of rediscovery that can only be found in traveling, and this is not to invalidate certain practices or habits that lead to rediscovery, notwithstanding the current place or situation, but traveling purposefully allows for creativity to connect differences, alleviating stress just by planning a trip (Alton).

People travel to quench a thirst. When a person feels dryness in their soul, they tend to look outside the window to dream of a million possibilities: of beaches and cotton candy clouds, of mountains and their daunting heights. When a person thinks of traveling, it is associated with rest, and not a kind of passive rest, but a rest that implies learning, redirection, and even healing (Hewitt).

People travel to discover themselves again. In this life, there is no such thing as reaching the pinnacle of learning and stopping there. As sentient beings, people are not created to settle and be content but to keep moving. If it is to either move on to the next milestone, to move on to the next obstacle, or to move on to greener pastures, a person would find that traveling is not only physically moving, but also internally moving within the self. It is the kind of moving that asks the soul after its journey from land through sea or air, “What’s next?”

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