Why Do People Immigrate To Other Countries? – Article Review Sample

People move to other countries for a variety of reasons. The desire to leave their countries of origin is triggered by diverse needs and aspirations. An individual can choose to leave their country of origin to seek a better livelihood, to live with loved ones, or retain safety. Immigration to other countries is not a simple task. While some people immigrate into other countries using genuine means, others prefer to access such countries using illegal means. Illegal immigration poses many risks to the individual. In addition to the challenges illegal immigrants face, the local folk in these countries also act as an impediment for the wellbeing of these foreigners. International immigration poses a challenge as well as an opportunity for foreigners.

According to the article, Why Do People Immigrate To Other Countries?, individuals leave their native countries to search for a better life (Tonita 2010). The desire to live in better conditions and earn enough money to sustain a decent life is sometimes high enough to trigger people to move to other countries. Such people brave the difficult conditions in foreign countries and the distance from their loved ones to earn decent wages and salaries (BBC, n.d.). The prospect of a better life, better jobs and salaries to send back money to their families at home is one of the greatest motivators for opportunity seekers.

Other people immigrate to foreign nations to be with the people they love. Individuals who have lovers or partners in marriage in foreign countries leave their countries of origin to join their loved ones abroad. Even though there might not be any opportunities in the foreign country for them in terms of employment, the lovers proceed to unite with their partners. The yearning to join their lovers becomes their main motivation to immigrate even, though they may have to do it illegally.

Another factor that causes people to immigrate to other countries is the search for peace. People leave their native countries because of war and unrest (BBC, n.d.). When countries are at war or facing internal unrest, the lives of people are at stake. Violence puts the lives of citizens in danger. A lot of violence and unrest also jeopardizes economic activities, making it difficult for people to carry out their daily economic activities. A person would rather leave a country that is not at peace to seek sanctuary elsewhere.

The overwhelming desire for some to immigrate has led to the rise of illegal immigration. Governments that try to curb increased immigration impose laws that bar the increased entry of foreigners into a country. This is a characteristic of well-developed countries wanting to stop the influx of immigrants. This leads to a rise in illegal immigration in a country. Those people barred from entering the country seek other illegal means of entering the country and are willing to be paid little in terms of wages and salaries while inside foreign nations.

Immigration into other countries has many benefits and challenges. People move to other countries because of various needs. Illegal immigration however is risky and poses great challenges to foreigners. Individuals are forced to work hard for poor pay while facing opposition from locals. Some other people have however gained from the opportunities that emerge with illegal immigration and achieved their aspirations with little or no opposition.

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