‘Dear Jonh’ Letter Sample

Dear Kevin,

How are you doing? I hope you are doing great. Do you remember the last conversation we had? I’ve had many reflections on the issue, and I have decided how I want to proceed henceforth.

We have been friends for two years now, and I must admit we have become extremely close; you are the greatest pal I have ever had. We have shared a lot, some in the good times and others the bad times. I am particularly grateful for the support you offered me after I lost my family. I would not have recovered from the trauma had you not stood by me. I owe you for that.

Our relationship has grown from mere friendship to a romantic one. However, after doing a lot of self-checking, I am afraid I must let you go. It pains me as this will hurt your feelings, but I think the least I can do is be honest with you. Although I would love to be with you, I am yet to get over my love for my late husband. It would be, therefore, dishonest of me, and unfair to you if we were to allow our relationship move to the next level. A relationship can only work when both parties give it their best. Sadly, I am not in a position to do that in my current state.

Perhaps I should not be asking you this, but I would love to continue to be your friend, if that is okay with you. I hope you understand my situation. Nonetheless, please know that you are and will continue being a special friend to me. I will cherish you forever.

Best regards,


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