Academic Recommendation Letter for Peter Jameson

American university,
School of Business,
4400 Massachusetts Ave, NW,
Washington, DC 20016-8017.
27th May 2013

Colombia University,
Office of Admissions,
School of Continuing Education,
203 Lewisohn Hall approx,
2970 Broadway, Mail Code 4119,
New York, NY 10027-6902.


It is a pleasure to recommend Peter Jameson for admission to the Columbia University summer school program. Peter was my student in Business 301 (basics in financial accounting), and has proven to be a student others should emulate. He is aware about the quality of his work, and in addition to this, his attendance of classes and research sessions are commendable. This hard work has gifted him with his consistency in attaining good grades on all exams and continuous assessment tests. His work shows his close attention to detail and an ability to put together material resources to design large talking points for discussion. These discussions were always ripe with well-researched and thought-out content. These discussions left everyone with a comprehensive view of the subject under discussion and an improved understanding of real-world situations.

Peter made intelligent and visionary contributions during common class discussions. His true talent came into full view in the field in which his leadership abilities took center stage. Peter is a natural when it comes to dealing with people. In just a few short weeks, Peter was named group leader. This post has not affected his love for the field or for guiding fellow students, but has just intensified it more. We have worked together on course material review before exams, and this has improved the performance of the class in general.

I believe in Peter’s strong academic abilities. This coupled with his outstanding leadership skills will make him one of the ideal candidates for the Columbia University summer school program. If any highlighting is of essence, please contact me at the Bates University campus.


Senior Professor J .D. Ombudsman