Recommendation Letter for John Doe

Professor Gregoire Liams
University of Chicago
23745 Frontier St. NE
Chicago, Ill. 95958

To Whom It May Concern


This letter aims at providing proof of the academic relationship between the student John Doe and me, Professor Gregoire Liams, who delivered the application for the scholarship program at the University of Sorbonne. The student is an outstanding performer whose academic credentials exceed what might be normally thought of an honor student. Mr. Doe has demonstrated excellent teamwork in most of the college projects that I commissioned as a lecturer. My relationship with him started after he became the first student in the University of Chicago to win an annual presidential award of leadership and management. Since that time, several academic projects and community volunteering work completed by him has led me to esteem him even more.

His academic credentials provide a history full of excellent performances and consistently high marks. The student posts a remarkable dashboard of both curriculum and extra curriculum activities in the institution. The most recent achievement the student received is being named the best student in project management and leadership skills in the institution.

The student exhibits exceptional writing and reading skills in two main international languages: Russian and Japanese. This is evident in the institution’s events diary, where he was rated as the best public speaker of the 2011/2012 academic year. His skills together with other teammates have enabled the institution to scoop several awards in the intercollegiate and university leadership competitions. His academic work portrays a disciplined student who is keen on work. He completes his projects before deadlines, which enables other tutors enough time to mark and revise.

Throughout the years of study in the institution, the student has shown interests in using current technology to help solve some of the common problems the world is facing today. This is evident in the recently concluded innovation conference for students around the world, The Beast Rid Innovation Conference. He was the only student from the humanities department in a pool of students drawn from engineering, science, and technology. Despite the new environment, he brought a new dimension in bridging leadership and technology, which startled the professors present in the conference.
Due to this contribution, the association responsible for organizing technological conferences for students have shown a positive attitude by incorporating leadership elements in their thematic designs.

In games and sports, the student does not lag behind. Mr Doe demonstrates exemplary sportsmanship when playing with his teammates or opponents. He played in the institution’s softball team.
I recommend this student for the scholarship program at the University of Sorbonne. He will help to realize the dreams of the foundation that is offering the scholarship. Above all, the student is one of the many students in the institution who needs financial aid to further their academic dreams. If awarded the scholarship, he will surely provide the results expected of him.