Acknowledgement Letter Sample

Jerry Claxton
862 Peachtree Lane
Atlanta, GA 39248

Mr. Henry Jackson
368 Main Street
Sterrett, GA 39248

Dear Henry Jackson,

My name is Jerry Claxton and I am a matriculating student of Brayburn College. I am one of the students that you sponsor in this school. My sole reason for writing to you is to thank you for your continued support in helping me achieve my goals by sponsoring my college degree.

You have been of great help to me and my family by supporting my academic studies and my stay here. This has been a substantial relief to my parents, who are not to capable of paying for my college fees. This opportunity has brought life to my career, and through your continued support, I am able to achieve my dreams. Through this sponsorship I have been able to perform well in school and become a source of encouragement to my peers, especially my own siblings.

Also, because of my stay in the school dormitory, I am able to focus more on my studies, unlike most students who commute to and from school. I would especially like to thank you for making available all the materials that I required, like books, to help me do better. Through such materials, my grades have improved tremendously. My teachers are impressed and I am confident that I will be a top student in the institution at the end of this academic year.

I have also been putting added effort in my extracurricular activities. Though the coach of the basketball team put me on the second team, with much practice I can still be in the first league. Above all else, you have been a source of encouragement to me and my whole family. Due to you, my life has taken on a different dimension.

Yours faithfully,

Jerry Claxton