Cover Letter Example

Human Resource Manager                                                                      February 15, 2013
Truth Times
P.O. Box 27274
New York, NY 84849

James Brown
62728 Field Dr.
New York, NY 75848
Cell: 289-848-9595

Dear Human Resource Management Staff,

I would like to apply for the position of Magazine Journalist that you advertised on the 3rd of February, 2013 in the Truth Times. I hold an MA in journalism from Elites University. I am currently pursuing my PhD in the same field in Elites University. I am confident that my experience and love for journalism makes me a perfect candidate for this position as indicated in your notice.

I have had an opportunity of working for The Citizen Newspaper and Decimal Radio station in the past. Working in these institutions has helped me in acquiring experience in my specialty.

  • I worked as a chief editor of The Citizen Newspaper between 2006 and 2009. My main responsibilities included checking grammar, spelling, writing style utilized in specified articles and the examination of the facts stated from the final approval of the article.
  • My responsibility also involved making heavy and light edits to an article presented by other editors. I had the capacity, as the chief editor, of rejecting ghost written or plagiarized articles.
  • I had to make sure that the issues in the magazines were rich in content and ensure that all the intended areas have been covered effectively. My responsibilities involved handling reader’s dissatisfaction.
  • As a chief editor, I arranged motivational and developmental clinics for my junior staff on occasion. The content appearing in the articles had to be accessible, of high quality and matching the institution’s scope and mission. In ensuring that this was strictly followed by my junior staff, I wrote policies and guidelines that governed the conduct of my team.
  • Among the key skills that were enhanced include copy editing, line editing, proofreading, search engine optimization editing and developmental editing.

Once I completed my BA from Elites University in journalism, I had an opportunity of working as a broadcast journalist for The Decimal Radio station from 2003 and 2005. My work comprised of collecting, analyzing, and verifying the information collected about crucial events affecting the citizens of a country. The information then proceeded to publication and had to be impartial, fair, balanced and accurate for the public to understand various happenings around them. Qualities and skills required included:

  • Strong organizational skills and editorial judgment.
  • Working in a team and able to work with minimum supervision. Creativity and excellent written and verbal communication skills were mandatory, which included styles and skills employed during interviews.
  • I had to work within tight deadlines and handle pressure effectively without it negatively affecting my work. I enhanced my listening and interviewing techniques.
  • One had to possess excellent skills in content editing and basic sound and image editing skills. Perfect attention to existing details and analytical skills.
  • Self-management skills including self-discipline and team work skills.

I hope to share my experiences in journalism with you. If you wish to contact me, you can reach me through my mobile phone, 289-848-9595 or email, Thank you for your consideration and I hope to hear from you.

James Brown