Job Invitation Letter Sample

Antony Thomas                                                                      30th May, 2013
P.O. BOX 0200
West Gate Ave.
Seattle, WA 91819

Dear Mr. Cliff,


I am the Human Resource Manager of the ABC Interbrand company where you had applied for the position of Project Supervisor. I hereby write this letter to inform you that you have been selected for the job. I congratulate you for being chosen to work in our company. We have found your credentials satisfactory. I strongly believe that your knowledge, skills and experience will be among the most valuable assets in our company.

As a project supervisor, you will be responsible for the establishment, implementation and review of project work plans to cope with the emerging needs and requirements of our organization, and to ensure that there is proper sharing of information between the departments of our organization. You will also help to develop and maintain good relations with our clients by showing a professional image when serving our clients and managing staff responsible for project development and implementation.

The employees of this company are highly valued, as we strongly believe that staff is the most valuable asset in any organization and it determines whether the company will prosper or not. Your benefits in this company will include a vacation of ten weeks per annum, group insurance, dental and health care, annual stock options, child daycare assistance, sick leave, among many others. We have designed programs which will ensure that a balance exists between work life and personal life. Each employee is supposed to participate in our programs to ensure team building in our organization.

I am thrilled to formally welcome you in our company and I wish you good luck in your new job. The staff you will work with in this company are already informed that you will be their new supervisor. They are people of high integrity, competent and ready to work with anyone. We would like you to start work on 5/6/2013 at 9:00am. Please report to Mr. Gath for the purpose of documentation and orientation. In case you find that this date is not convenient to you, contact me immediately.

Find an enclosed copy of this letter. Please sign it and send it to me by 1/6/2013 to confirm your acceptance for this job. I am confident that your contribution to ABC Interbrand will be of great significance and we look forward to having you in our company.

If you have any issue or points to be clarified, feel free to inform me.


Antony Thomas

Human Resource Manager, ABC Interbrand


Accept job offer:
I accept the position of Project Supervisor offered by ABC Interbrand.
Decline job offer:
I decline the position of Project Supervisor offered by ABC Interbrand.

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