Inquiry Letter Sample

James Milner                                                                                 May 26, 2013
Tropical Bakers Ltd
653 Elmwood Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 12345

Customer Relations Manager

Indiana Poultry Ltd
5687 Hardegan St.
Indianapolis, IN 12345

Dear Sir/Madam

I am the Production Manager at Tropical Bakers Ltd. My duty is to ensure there is an adequate supply of wheat flour, sugar, eggs, water, milk, sweetener, salt, and fat needed for the production of bread, cakes and biscuits. Our company is new in the Food and Beverage Industry. Our aim is to produce 300,000 loaves of bread, cakes, and biscuits daily. We need a reliable supplier who can deliver more than 300,000 eggs to our storehouse every day.

I have tracked your performance in this industry. You have good relations with companies that soon are to be our competitors. We would like to venture into this industry with vigor. We would like to establish ourselves in this industry and control a large market share. Due to your reliance and commitment to your customers, our company is approaching your company to be our supplier.

However, we would like you to respond to the following inquiries:

  • What is the per unit price of your products (eggs)?
  • Do you offer any credit facilities or deal in cash payment only?
  • Do you offer any discounts?
  • Do you deliver goods to the customer’s premises?

I would like to further discuss with you about your products. I propose that we meet on the 2nd June, 2013 at Springfield Hotel, Elmwood Ave., Indianapolis. If this time is not appropriate, you can inform me of the time and place convenient for this meeting. My work phone number and email address are (555)564-234 and


James Milner

Production Manager

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