Follow-Up Letter Sample

Mr. Gregory Bor
Super Graphics Designers
92 Delaware St.
Hatfield, WA
24 May, 2013

Dear Mr. Bor,

I am Simone Franz, an applicant for the position of Graphic Designer, as advertised in the magazine Computer Technologies. I am writing this letter to confirm that my resume was received and to reiterate my interest in your esteemed company. I believe that my experience and skills would benefit your company and match the position. If your office did not receive my resume, I will not hesitate, if necessary, to resend my resume and any other materials or details required to provide information of my qualifications.

I completed my M.A. degree in graphic design and in 3D design from Seattle University in 2008. My key skills in the field of graphics design include communication skills, problem solving, creativity, drawing and visual art. I am also excellent in making changes where required, building contacts and effective networking. To maintain my experience in graphics design, I take note of everything that can grab the attention of audiences and I remain open to influences and new ideas.

In addition to the above qualifications and skills, I have the required enthusiasm, passion and self-motivation that enables me to budget my time and to work under strict deadlines.

I have over 3 years experience working in the graphic design company ChookWorks as a first level graphic designer. I am willing to use my skills, ideas and experience to benefit Super Graphics Designers and to make it successful in terms of high productivity. I can be contacted through my email address:

Thank you for your consideration.


Simone Franz